27 Nov 13, 08:13 AM
artist: Please visit my blog: http://cdbeautishop.blogspot.sg/
9 Jul 13, 08:30 PM
Jnewin: Are you still alive? What dramas have you been watching?
3 Jun 13, 02:53 PM
Jnewin: Seems like most tvb fans are hardworkers. That's why tvb blogs aren't very active. Studying is good.
2 Jun 13, 05:48 PM
Jnewin: 80s version of Return of Condor Heroes eng subbed. You might like it http://www.alodrama.com/watch-the-return-of-the-condor-heroes-episode-1/9454.html
25 May 13, 03:32 PM
Jnewin: http://hkoreandramaisland.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/11-random-facts-about-me/
25 May 13, 03:31 PM
Jnewin: You've been tagged in my survey.
1 May 13, 01:28 AM
lynne: Though I must say...the supporting cast is very lacking (mainly the maids....) Only really like Rachel Kwan and Katy Kung from the bunch...
1 May 13, 01:27 AM
lynne: Personally like how they incorporated Maggie's and Moses' story from War and Beauty to this series :)
1 May 13, 01:27 AM
lynne: Haha lols I feel that same way. Honestly the first ep of Beauty at War made me feel nostalgic especially when the flute starts playing.
29 Apr 13, 08:21 PM
Jnewin: The recpas take so much of my time to type it. Sometimes I'm not sure if it is worth it but it's sad there are more korean drama recappers than tvb.
28 Apr 13, 02:41 AM
lynne: I hope you're not trying to rebel against Beauty at War by putting the banner of War and Beauty up :P lols are you watching it? :D
23 Apr 13, 01:53 AM
Jnewin: It has been 4 months you haven't blogged. 2 more months then it will be half a year. :p
22 Apr 13, 08:08 PM
Jnewin: https://www.facebook.com/groups/457161377694772/?notif_t=group_admin
22 Apr 13, 08:08 PM
Jnewin: fb group Ginny created for TVB Bloggers unite. haha.https://www.facebook.com/groups/457161377694772/?notif_t=group_admin
21 Apr 13, 01:56 AM
Jnewin: At least your blog is one of the better tvb blog. Not too many pictures, and have at least some writings. lol.
21 Apr 13, 01:32 AM
Jnewin: Not really familiar with some of the new casts.
21 Apr 13, 01:31 AM
Jnewin: There's not really good tvb series so far. Maybe blog about old dramas?
21 Apr 13, 01:31 AM
Jnewin: You can post a message you are taking a break. You can write drama reviews or recaps of a few episodes .
21 Apr 13, 01:30 AM
Jnewin: I graduated from University. Now just job hunting so have a lot of free time.
13 Apr 13, 02:44 AM
Jnewin: Up to episode 3 of Au Revoir Shanghai 2006. Old tvb series are the best.
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