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29 Mar 20, 02:11 PM
fubu: they deleted it on soundcloud
31 Mar 20, 12:14 AM
El Don: https://youtu.be/aTH5uITPkig Whitney remix on YouTube
31 Mar 20, 08:31 AM
thepestilence: i know we all heard it...dream officially dropped original holy grail track with his voice instead of jt...on tidal
31 Mar 20, 09:55 AM
B4BSE: Once again proves that Demo really ****ed up the mixing on Holy Grail..
31 Mar 20, 09:56 AM
B4BSE: At least the live version got a proper mix
1 Apr 20, 08:58 PM
El Don: Hope y'all are staying safe out here. My buddy got covid but recovered after 3 days in the hospital. Harvard
1 Apr 20, 08:58 PM
El Don: Study confirms vitamin d3 fights viruses, flus, colds and respiratory complications... get some if you can
1 Apr 20, 08:59 PM
El Don: I know it's unrelated but just wanted to mention it
1 Apr 20, 11:02 PM
Bounce57: Sid Tipton https://www.instagram.com/p/B-cegmEFX5M/ :cool:
1 Apr 20, 11:07 PM
Bounce57: El Don : Whitney remix on YouTube ..... :heart: fire
2 Apr 20, 09:01 AM
thepestilence: is that sid track by timbo?
2 Apr 20, 09:03 AM
thepestilence: @don vit D as in d1ck?
2 Apr 20, 01:02 PM
Bounce57: I don't believe , you can ask her who produced her music, she will tell you on her IG
2 Apr 20, 01:33 PM
Y: Sid says that she worked with JT and Tim and she did with Tim about 30 tracks 😲
2 Apr 20, 03:14 PM
El Don: @pest that's hella homo bruh wtf??? Actual vitamin d3. Be a troll.. but not a gay troll
2 Apr 20, 03:15 PM
El Don: Why is Tim wasting music on her but didn't want to push V and Tink?
2 Apr 20, 03:16 PM
El Don: I don't see anything special about her. She's a sex sleeve who can slightly hold a tune.
2 Apr 20, 04:23 PM
abbs.: https://twitter.com/abbmatic/status/1245516533318725632?s=20
2 Apr 20, 04:24 PM
abbs.: Timbaland got a hold of the ig filters today :biggrin:
2 Apr 20, 04:32 PM
thepestilence: @don lol...no homo
2 Apr 20, 04:34 PM
El Don: @abbs the missy filter was funny
2 Apr 20, 04:34 PM
El Don: @pest seek help bruh lol
2 Apr 20, 04:34 PM
thepestilence: but that piece of info is worthless really..
2 Apr 20, 04:35 PM
thepestilence: u might as well put all vitamins in there
2 Apr 20, 04:35 PM
thepestilence: along with healthy diet and exercise
2 Apr 20, 04:35 PM
El Don: Didn't say not to... vitamin c is good too. Makes your body hostile to germs
2 Apr 20, 04:39 PM
El Don: Diet and exercise definitely... diet even moreso... but supplementing D3 in addition to that has helped people a lot with the respiratory effects of the virus
2 Apr 20, 04:41 PM
El Don: Do your googles assclown
2 Apr 20, 05:15 PM
thepestilence: lol...
2 Apr 20, 05:15 PM
thepestilence: jeez bro
2 Apr 20, 05:16 PM
thepestilence: am saying ur not really offering anything of value
2 Apr 20, 05:16 PM
thepestilence: these supplements r taken regularly
2 Apr 20, 05:18 PM
thepestilence: know how many bullshht being spread on google
2 Apr 20, 05:21 PM
thepestilence: open the who site or nice guidelines or simply ask a physician...that would be a good advise...assclown
3 Apr 20, 09:40 AM
thepestilence: timbo trying to get pharrell vs kanye battle
4 Apr 20, 02:43 AM
El Don: Eat sh.it trolltard lol
4 Apr 20, 08:16 AM
thepestilence: lool...
4 Apr 20, 08:16 AM
thepestilence: https://madamenoire.com/1144276/fbf-did-you-know-marsha-ambrosius-sang-on-justin-timberlakes-cry-me-a-river/
4 Apr 20, 08:16 AM
thepestilence: i never noticed this before...always thought that was jt
4 Apr 20, 08:19 AM
thepestilence: that new sidnie track is out...can someone see if timbo produced it