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17 Jul 19, 03:23 PM
thepestilence: i get that timbo is all about the simple feeling nowadays...but that there...that is some super quality cuck sucking
17 Jul 19, 05:57 PM
Richie: Lol i know like Timbo has never used a cool sounding snare b4 lol
17 Jul 19, 06:03 PM
javuer: Today its all about c.ock sucking each other..these insta beats by timbo could everybody do and thats the problem..am not saying they s.hit but damn no excitement no goosebumps anymore
17 Jul 19, 06:26 PM
thepestilence: that snare was nothing special at all
17 Jul 19, 06:27 PM
thepestilence: maybe they were excited about something thats not on the clip...
17 Jul 19, 06:38 PM
thepestilence: or it might be this era of spreading positivity with regard to everything...for fock sake...u cant be objective anymore without being labelled as hateful or negative...
17 Jul 19, 06:39 PM
thepestilence: every beat now is "fire!!!"
17 Jul 19, 09:25 PM
Mika: ive been saying that for years
17 Jul 19, 10:35 PM
Fubu: since Nas promised unreleased music form few past years "wow i got material for Lost Tapes 2, 3, and 4" maybe we will get that "Sinatra in the Sands" with JT finaly
17 Jul 19, 11:52 PM
thepestilence: roffffllll
17 Jul 19, 11:54 PM
thepestilence: last we heard about it is that it was an idea...not to mention, we still waiting for sv3/opera noir or whatever theyre called
17 Jul 19, 11:55 PM
thepestilence: we aint getting this track
17 Jul 19, 11:55 PM
thepestilence: maybe when timbos dead
17 Jul 19, 11:56 PM
thepestilence: and the label decides to cash in on his vault
18 Jul 19, 02:07 AM
thepestilence: heres the leak https://picosong.com/wKGrC/
18 Jul 19, 02:11 AM
thepestilence: sounds finished..maybe not mastered
18 Jul 19, 02:12 AM
thepestilence: sounds like a kanye track to be fair rather than timbo having any involvement in it
18 Jul 19, 02:12 AM
thepestilence: maybe he played with the the kicks or bass drum...
18 Jul 19, 02:13 AM
thepestilence: but a strong kanye track for sure.
18 Jul 19, 07:48 AM
Davidprimer: sounds unfinished, got real potential
18 Jul 19, 10:47 AM
Y: I love the Kanye’s leaked track 😱
18 Jul 19, 10:55 AM
Y: I hope the tweak it somehow and put on the album since is really dope and strong I love it
18 Jul 19, 12:38 PM
Y: This is the sign that Kanye and Timbaland together are the dopest thing in the world
18 Jul 19, 01:44 PM
18 Jul 19, 01:45 PM
Fubu: if it's leaked that means they ain't gonna release it lajksgdjhavd
18 Jul 19, 01:46 PM
Y: It’s a pity... sounds really STRONG I love it
18 Jul 19, 01:52 PM
thepestilence: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/kanye-west-law-of-attraction-leak/
18 Jul 19, 01:54 PM
thepestilence: "The song is produced by a collective of artists affiliated with Timbaland"
18 Jul 19, 01:55 PM
thepestilence: “Law of Attraction” appeared online yesterday under the incorrect title “Chakras”
18 Jul 19, 01:56 PM
thepestilence: timbo/storch https://twitter.com/Timbaland/status/1151619209153208322
18 Jul 19, 01:56 PM
thepestilence: nothing promising from that session
18 Jul 19, 04:03 PM
Unk: Tim and Scott cooking 🔥🔥🔥🔥
18 Jul 19, 04:07 PM
thepestilence: whatever they cooking doesnt sound too hot
18 Jul 19, 04:08 PM
thepestilence: i wont gumbo tim
18 Jul 19, 04:08 PM
thepestilence: i want dr dre era scott
18 Jul 19, 05:29 PM
Mika: Nas to release Lost Tapes 2 with a a14 year old neptunes track on it o0o0o0o0o00o0o0o
18 Jul 19, 05:29 PM
Mika: midnight
18 Jul 19, 05:50 PM
javier: I heard it already..its a recycled beat. Doesnt sound too good imo
19 Jul 19, 11:24 AM
Fubu: Pharrell and Beyonce did a great job for song "water" Lion King: Gift OST
19 Jul 19, 12:59 PM
Timnmagoo3: Anybody have that Tim and kayne track?