10/03/18 15:53
debi: please add me to your site ty
08/07/18 11:29
Vesta: Thanks JackieB!! I don't create much lately! LOL
07/23/18 14:21
JackieB: Hi Vesta! Love your creations.
03/28/18 16:47
Jules: Thanks Vesta! Here is the link to our blog: [link]
03/25/18 13:49
Vesta: Jules, sure go ahead! Please let me know the link to see them tho ok?
03/17/18 14:15
Jules: Hi. Do you allow FTU cluster frames to be made with your FTU kits?
12/18/17 16:32
Vesta: You are so welcome! Just glad you can still get them! LOL
12/08/17 05:20
Sue: Thank you so much for your kits
03/21/17 06:43
MJ: Thak you
12/13/16 02:59
Carol: Vesta I just looked at the coding for the links and they should work. Have you contacted Box? It has to be an issue on their part. Sorry I can't help more
12/13/16 02:33
Carol: Hi hun - I'm another that is trying to download candy cane kisses and the Thanksgiving one. It's as if the file is not loading. Would you be so kind as to send them to me? Many thanks..
11/14/16 12:12
Vesta: Rhonda, tried it but it still says "you can't perform this action" whatever that mean. *sigh*
11/07/16 15:22
Rhonda: vesta try this link to get the Spicy Thanksgiving kit - [link]
10/30/16 22:23
barbara: YEs Candy Cane Kisses still not working just tried nothing here. Can I get that email also :)
10/25/16 15:10
Vesta: Sorry Joy! I have re-uploaded them and tried everything and nothing works! Grrr! I will just send it to you in an email.
10/25/16 09:00
Joy: Hi there, is your link to "candy cane kisses not working? Thank you....cute scrap kit!
09/11/16 17:41
Vesta: Chiqui, I just posted a new link fo it. See my last post. I can't do anything else. Sorry!
09/09/16 08:55
chiqui: Darling I tried many times to download your scrpas and basically is impossible, thanks for help me I interested in midsummer because I bought the tube for try this one
07/19/16 14:21
Vesta: Sorry everyone is having such trouble downloading my old stuff. One reason I quit making kits is all the problems dealing with 4shared and Box now. Ugh!
07/14/16 08:34
Debi: did finally get 4 hared to work after they tried to trick me into downloading some other file. Thanks for the great kit!
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