7 Jun 18, 11:59 AM
Angeles: But they will all be on tapatalk's weblink, not zetaboards.
7 Jun 18, 11:58 AM
Angeles: The information that is here, characters, threads etc. will still be available
7 Jun 18, 11:58 AM
Angeles: To anyone that sees this, just so everyone knows, zetaboards has sold out to tapatalk and will be periodically converting boards over to it.
10 Apr 17, 12:18 AM
guest: time?
10 Apr 17, 12:18 AM
guest: !trivia
26 Nov 16, 06:48 PM
Usiel: Excuse me my apologies but I was wondering if someone can direct me to the admin of the site?
16 Nov 15, 05:42 AM
Gryph: Don't think you'll find staff here any more. The site is basically dead.
28 Sep 15, 06:54 PM
BBP: For a revival Main Story Line, we still need staff, though.
27 Aug 15, 03:38 PM
samiam2714: Okay I may have a really great revival MSL idea its a flash of an idea but maybe someone wants to collaborate with me??
6 Mar 15, 09:29 AM
LyaSmith: ... this is the application for Android TV series I have told u about it http://x.co/7tMC1
19 Nov 14, 03:06 AM
Juiz: Kaiju on Ice updated!
18 Nov 14, 10:04 PM
Amemarteau: Sweet Nothings is updated! Again!
25 Oct 14, 03:08 PM
Amemarteau: Sweet Nothings is updated!
21 Oct 14, 11:54 PM
Pumpkinling: ER KOMT! ER KOMT!
13 Oct 14, 10:40 PM
Amemarteau: *Updated . This phone sometimes...
13 Oct 14, 10:39 PM
Amemarteau: Sweet Nothings is I played!
10 Oct 14, 06:04 PM
VeiledInsanity: Finally got around to posting in I'm Alright! Sorry that took so long Caustic Dread!
7 Oct 14, 04:25 PM
VeiledInsanity: The Mall, Nails, and Gigantic Sales is updated. Will edit my post more when off my phone :P
7 Oct 14, 11:12 AM
TaraSimone: ...this is a good one http://x.co/5bMrj
6 Oct 14, 12:17 AM
Angeles: Please keep in mind that the Cbox is for SL announcements only. Thank you.
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