01/06/18 08:38 PM
Scotia: Here's the correct url: http://risk.freeforums.net/board/5/organizations
01/06/18 08:37 PM
Scotia: Never mind. It does go to the old url. Because it's a different url, it'll log you off and then you can't access it because on the custom url you're not logged in.
01/06/18 08:36 PM
Scotia: That's weird. Not sure why I can't access it either
01/06/18 08:35 PM
Scotia: No, I think that's one of the pages on the guide that's still linked to the old custom url.
01/06/18 08:07 PM
Blackbird: Hey, it says I'm not able to access the Organization page. Do I have to have a character first?
01/02/18 10:01 AM
fawn: back from vacaton damn... need a couple weeks to settle into the new place and ill be back!
12/30/17 12:51 PM
JakeTab: My laptop is broken, building my pc has proven to be a process, bht ill e back soon
12/27/17 01:28 PM
Red: <3
12/27/17 01:27 PM
Red: Hi blackbird! we are active- just having a dry period with all the holidays!
12/26/17 11:22 PM
Blackbird: Hiya! Is this site active?
12/26/17 11:30 AM
Ruca: Morning Risk! Hope everyone had a great holiday!
12/19/17 02:35 PM
Hiro: thats smart! :)
12/19/17 02:34 PM
Scotia: I'm good. Took a semester off of school (I go back next semester) so I've been busy with work. It's been crazy with the holidays at work
12/19/17 02:33 PM
Hiro: I'm pretty good, and you? Just super busy with my final year in University. What about yourself?
12/19/17 02:32 PM
Scotia: How are you?
12/19/17 02:22 PM
Hiro: Scotia <3!
12/19/17 02:21 PM
Scotia: Hi Hiro!
12/19/17 02:17 PM
Hiro: Hey everyone :3
12/16/17 02:35 AM
Red (mobile): /sobs ill be back soon Risk
12/12/17 11:16 PM
Scotia [m]: Just to let you know, the IC year is 2032, I believe
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