05/11/18 12:35 AM
Poi: Nvm
05/11/18 12:28 AM
Poi: lol is there a way to get at my avatar from here?
05/10/18 12:25 PM
Farren: Really great banner art!
05/06/18 08:40 PM
Ripple: Okie doke I can do it!
05/06/18 08:40 PM
Poi: Yeah grab a wide chunk and send it to me there. I'll make a login on spine now, gimme a min
05/06/18 08:39 PM
Ripple: I see where the table is, but I'm not sure if I'm grabbing all the code or more/less
05/06/18 08:39 PM
Ripple: Would you like me to send you it via a PM on Spine? I can copy what I have or more so you might be able to pull it off better than myself?
05/06/18 08:38 PM
Poi: Okay, there's probably forum code in the way, yeah. If it's not narrowed to just my coding
05/06/18 08:37 PM
Ripple: I think it may be the forum code that's stopping it from working. Tables do work on Spine!
05/06/18 08:36 PM
Poi: I haven't dug around much on spine yet, but do tables work there?
05/06/18 08:36 PM
Poi: If tables are allowed to be coded the same way on spine it should work, but sometimes forums aren't coded for tables to work
05/06/18 08:35 PM
Ripple: Okay, so it didn't post in a table. Does it need re-coded after I pull it off the page source, or should it work?
05/06/18 08:34 PM
Poi: Omg that would be amazinnnnggggg
05/06/18 08:32 PM
Ripple: :D
05/06/18 08:32 PM
Ripple: I think I got it, let me test it on spine for you to make sure I grabbed all the code
05/06/18 08:32 PM
Poi: Then if you can find the actual post and take a huge chunk and I can narrow it to the actual table if you don't know where it starts and ends
05/06/18 08:31 PM
Ripple: AHA, yes yes
05/06/18 08:31 PM
Poi: If you go to the navy background and right click and "view page source" it should come up with the whole page's code
05/06/18 08:30 PM
Ripple: Let me see what I can do >:D any tips?
05/06/18 08:29 PM
Poi: Uhm, hahahahaha I know how to get it if I were on the page
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