07/14/18 01:44 AM
Silas: Oh whoops LMAO, missed the part where Ripple already linked ya
07/14/18 01:28 AM
Silas: Hey @poi, I can pass you the codes in a pastebin. Will link here
07/13/18 04:27 PM
Dyzzie: but berry there's a link in my name--the sites active
07/13/18 04:27 PM
Dyzzie: I know so sad :(
07/10/18 09:13 PM
berry: why'd the site close? is there a successor?
07/10/18 09:12 PM
berry: heck i didnt even see the announcement
07/10/18 09:12 PM
berry: oh...
07/10/18 09:12 PM
berry: it's a neverending cycle but i love this site so much i can't stay away forever altho i get distracted a lot
07/10/18 09:11 PM
berry: and i'm sure you guys must be getting tired of seeing me return for a time only to become inactive again for another few months
07/10/18 09:11 PM
berry: i used to play the characters known as Twitch, Alfrenzo and Stump
07/10/18 09:11 PM
berry: hello?
06/21/18 04:38 PM
Uru: Do any admins still visit this site?
05/11/18 12:35 AM
Poi: Nvm
05/11/18 12:28 AM
Poi: lol is there a way to get at my avatar from here?
05/10/18 12:25 PM
Farren: Really great banner art!
05/06/18 08:40 PM
Ripple: Okie doke I can do it!
05/06/18 08:40 PM
Poi: Yeah grab a wide chunk and send it to me there. I'll make a login on spine now, gimme a min
05/06/18 08:39 PM
Ripple: I see where the table is, but I'm not sure if I'm grabbing all the code or more/less
05/06/18 08:39 PM
Ripple: Would you like me to send you it via a PM on Spine? I can copy what I have or more so you might be able to pull it off better than myself?
05/06/18 08:38 PM
Poi: Okay, there's probably forum code in the way, yeah. If it's not narrowed to just my coding
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