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12/02/18 12:31 PM
Tamika Jackson: TOTAL VICTORY
12/02/18 07:40 PM
Laronda allen: Miss u May God bless u in your family
12/06/18 04:10 PM
gretchen: hello
12/06/18 04:10 PM
gretchen: is someone there
12/09/18 12:05 PM
MrSanders: Awesome
12/09/18 12:23 PM
K Castro: The Word is what grows us up. Amen
12/09/18 12:24 PM
K Castro: Teach Bishop
12/09/18 12:26 PM
K Castro: we gotta learn the lesson God is trying to teach us
12/09/18 12:30 PM
K Castro: Maturity.... WOW
12/27/18 09:14 PM
Sharon Boyd: Is your church having Watch Service New Years eve?
01/16/19 07:49 PM
Bless Prophetess Dorthy!: Sharing Now!
01/16/19 07:53 PM
Bless Prophetess Dorthy!: Let God Use You!!!!!
01/16/19 07:53 PM
Lady Tawanda Usher: Yesssss1
01/16/19 07:55 PM
Lady Tawanda Usher: Myyyyyyyyyy God
01/16/19 07:55 PM
Lady Tawanda Usher: Must be effective
01/16/19 07:58 PM
Lady Tawanda Usher: Come on and Preach Prophetess Dorthy!
01/16/19 08:16 PM
La Tanya Walker: So glad i saw your post...I missed it, but hopefully there is a replay!
02/06/19 08:12 PM
Charlsa Allen: Preach Bishop
02/06/19 08:12 PM
Charlsa Allen: God is gone get all of the Glory
02/06/19 08:13 PM
Charlsa Allen: Position yourself for the blessing