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05/14/17 09:51 AM
KB: Bless you First Lady Adrienne
05/14/17 09:56 AM
VenitaWoodruff@yah oo.com: Happy Mother's first Lady. Thank u for bringing the word fourth. I am proud of u & encourage.
05/14/17 10:02 AM
Debbie Young: Sister Adrienne you are Love, God Bless You.
05/14/17 10:04 AM
Brenda Suesberry: Sister Adrienne you have such a passionate and loving spirit. God bless you. Happy Mother's Day!
05/14/17 10:18 AM
KB: Lord help us to walk in LOVE and in our authority to give FREELY of the grace, mercy and love that you have given us.
05/14/17 10:19 AM
Kandi Moore: Until we meet again in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may God bless & keep you in perfect peace.
05/14/17 10:22 AM
KB: Have a blessed day everyone
05/14/17 01:09 PM
Geremy: This is so good!
05/14/17 01:20 PM
Rev. Pamela Elise Davis: Thank you Sister Adrienne for a blessed word!
05/14/17 01:53 PM
J Yorksmith: Sister Adrienne, you have such a beautiful sprit that illustrates in everything you do. Good Word!
05/21/17 09:00 AM
Pat Guillory: Good morning Center of Hope family. Praying God's Best for His children!
05/21/17 09:11 AM
Kandi Moore: Good Morning Center of Hope family & friends. I love the Lord with all my heart. May He bless all of you and give you unmerited favor.
05/21/17 09:13 AM
Rev. Pamela Elise Davis: Good Morning Center of Hope Family!
05/21/17 09:21 AM
Pat Guillory: It's so good to see our pastor this morning! I am ready for the Word, that God has given to him today!
05/21/17 09:38 AM
Alecia: Good morning from Atlanta, I miss yal!
05/21/17 10:19 AM
Kandi Moore: Awesome word Pastor.
05/21/17 10:25 AM
Kandi Moore: God bless your children as they go to their various destinations. Keep them safe in Your Love until we meet again in Jesus name I pray....amen
05/21/17 12:28 PM
Teresa Thompson: Good Morning Church!
05/21/17 12:34 PM
Rev. Pamela Elise Davis: I appreciate the acknowledgement of caregivers. I have been caring for my cousin Jim for almost 20 years. He has cerebral palsy, moderate mental retardation and polio.
05/21/17 12:35 PM
Rev. Pamela Elise Davis: In 2016, he had brain surgery for arrested hydrocephalus. The doctors did not want to do anything as they said most people with his challenges do not live past their 30's. He will be 54 in September.