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12/11/18 08:17 PM
FABC: MMM, please help! It 's frozen.
12/11/18 08:18 PM
Online member: Please help MMM the Facebook feed is not working
12/11/18 08:20 PM
Online member: It's back up thanks
12/11/18 08:27 PM
Online member: Frozen
12/11/18 08:44 PM
EJ: How can I tune in
12/12/18 06:47 PM
sadtwise@yahoo.com: You must log in to your facebook account.
12/12/18 07:14 PM
Mr: Go to Facebook, on your page, enter Fabc nola in the search bar. Only then will you see a tiny red square on the left, next to video, with LIVE. Once you click that then you will get the window with
12/12/18 07:14 PM
Mr: The video feed
12/12/18 08:12 PM
Jessie Anderson III: I can't see it online
12/16/18 09:06 AM
Kendra: Will Franklin broadcast the service today?
12/16/18 09:08 AM
Mary:: So for people who don’t have fb we can’t see the service?? That’s horrible
12/16/18 09:08 AM
Kendra: Nevermind
12/16/18 09:13 AM
Kendra: Where's the tiny red square to watch live? I'm on fabc nola
12/16/18 09:25 AM
Santilla: Can’t see the service online. Is it not being broadcast today?
12/16/18 09:43 AM
Carmel: I guess watching church is a pass event for me. I'm not on facebook. They kick me off facebook years ago???. No connection to facebook . Alfred Edwards
12/16/18 09:50 AM
Carmel: Be patient, the technology team is working on it. GOD will work it out.
12/16/18 09:58 AM
Ann: How many church services are held at the new East location on Sunday? Are there any Saturday services?
12/16/18 10:27 AM
Ann: I am sorry I cannot see the service due to technical difficulties. I really needed hear the word today. The on-demand videos aren’t working either, I pray you (technology staff) can get it working.
12/16/18 10:38 AM
Denise: Will the service be televised this morning
12/16/18 12:34 PM
Ruby Condoll: Think about whàt the men of God would say and do!