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03/17/19 10:44 AM
BEACON LIGHT: 1 King 17:9
03/17/19 10:44 AM
Ty: What is the percentage that is supposed to go to the man of God 1st?
03/17/19 10:45 AM
03/17/19 10:47 AM
BEACON LIGHT: 1 King 17:9-14
03/17/19 10:47 AM
Ty: Thank you!
03/17/19 10:52 AM
Mrs. Harvey: sorry. question. did he say 2% or 2 1/2%
03/17/19 10:53 AM
roylumar1976@aol.com: 2
03/17/19 10:53 AM
03/17/19 10:53 AM
Mrs. Harvey: Thank you
03/17/19 10:54 AM
DrG: God bless y'all BL. Have a blessed week.....
03/17/19 10:57 AM
BEACON LIGHT: You Can Also Join In Giving Click on the GIVE tab just above the chat box, or you may safely text-to-give at 28950 Your Amount To BLOT
03/17/19 11:13 AM
serrge: streaming
03/17/19 11:14 AM
Seer sJC Chozeh: Keep the FAITH Beacon Light, specifically beloved and deeply respected Bishop DS and 1st Lady Dionne having endured such a valley that many folks cannot even begin to understand. #PressOn. #PurgeFire.
03/17/19 11:15 AM
serrge: where is the picture
03/17/19 11:15 AM
Seer sJC Chozeh: Only grapes and olives that have endured deep Crushing becomes Qualified to transform into such a Wine that is priceless, in-Demand, and without Equal. BLESSings to you!!!
03/17/19 11:17 AM
serrge: is it finished
03/17/19 11:18 AM
Seer sJC Chozeh: Shifting SEASON. 1st-gear, 2nd-gear ... 5th-gear, 6th-gear. Full speed Ahead. Glory \0/
03/17/19 11:18 AM
Seer sJC Chozeh: Shalom.
03/17/19 11:19 AM
Seer sJC Chozeh: Never forget than G-d's Strength is MADE perfect only human frailty. #WordofTruth.
03/17/19 11:48 AM
BEACON LIGHT: BLWW, On Behalf Of Bishop Brister, Lady Brister and the Entire Beacon Light Family, Thank You For Joining Us See You Thursday At Our 12pm and 6:30 pm Worship Experience.