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11/15/18 06:50 PM
BEACON LIGHT: "Lord, trust me with more!" Amen!
11/15/18 06:51 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 1: Write down your goals.
11/15/18 06:53 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP: Determine your net monthly income.
11/15/18 06:54 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 2: Determine your net monthly income.
11/15/18 06:54 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 3: Calculate your monthly fixed expenses.
11/15/18 06:57 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 4: Subtract your fixed expenses from your monthly net income and the balance is your disposable income.
11/15/18 06:59 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 5: Determine all "other" expenses.
11/15/18 07:01 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 6: After creating your goals, create a "monthly fixed expense" for each goal.
11/15/18 07:03 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 7: Now subtract your goals from your disposable income, and this is what you have left to cover all of your "other" expenses.
11/15/18 07:04 PM
BEACON LIGHT: STEP 8: You have now established your budget.
11/15/18 07:10 PM
BEACON LIGHT: BLWW, it is our prayer that tonight's Pastoral Hour of Power has blessed and enriched your spirits!
11/15/18 07:11 PM
BEACON LIGHT: BLWW, there are millionaires amongst us, are you one!?!?
11/15/18 07:11 PM
BEACON LIGHT: Lord, trust us with more!
11/15/18 07:14 PM
BEACON LIGHT: BLWW, join us now as we prepare to give our Tithes & Offerings!
11/15/18 07:15 PM
BEACON LIGHT: Click on the GIVE tab just above the chat box, or you may safely text-to-give at 28950.
11/15/18 07:16 PM
BEACON LIGHT: Praise God as we welcome J-Red, Gospel Comedian!
11/15/18 07:16 PM
BEACON LIGHT: BLWW, it has been an honor to serve as your streaming host on this evening!
11/15/18 07:17 PM
BEACON LIGHT: We pray that The Word and lesson on tonight strengthens and enlightens your walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
11/15/18 07:18 PM
BEACON LIGHT: On behalf of Bishop Darryl S. Brister, 1st Lady Dionne Briser, and the entire Beacon Light family, thank you for your company in Christ!
11/15/18 07:20 PM
BEACON LIGHT: Have a wonderful evening, as we prepare for greater things in God! See you on this coming Sunday morning for worship service at 10am!