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01/14/18 10:28 AM
Beatrice: Yes however it’s streaming great on Facebook Live
01/14/18 10:32 AM
Tammy: Thanks got it
01/14/18 10:33 AM
Joyce Stevens: No web stream
01/14/18 11:13 AM
Marsha: Truth!
01/14/18 11:17 AM
Marsha: Thank you Bishop! I do see growth in you and how you minister.
01/14/18 12:05 PM
ladiamhaynes@yahoo.com: This message was personally for me.
01/14/18 12:06 PM
LaDia Haynes: Thank you!
01/14/18 12:18 PM
Renee Miller: This message was right on time with my personal life and im thankful and blessed to have been able to hear the word. Thank you!!!
01/21/18 10:19 AM
Marsha: The LORD has been good to me!!!!!!
01/21/18 11:22 AM
Cynthia: Great things are getting ready to happen in my life!!!
01/21/18 11:26 AM
Carlene: Amazing things are happening in my life
01/21/18 11:32 AM
Cynthia: Amazing things started happening in my life yesterday. God is so good. On time message.
01/21/18 11:38 AM
Carlene: Yes Ma'am, I can say the same. I am praising GOD for the changes.
02/04/18 10:06 AM
Harvest Church: Good Morning all over the world from Harvest Church International Outreach in Kansas City! Thank you so much for tuning in and we trust that you will be blessed!
02/04/18 10:49 AM
tina may: I have lost my connection
02/04/18 10:50 AM
tina may: lost connection. message from refresh says it cant reload
02/04/18 10:57 AM
tina may: Thank you it is back.
02/11/18 10:05 AM
vee: there's no sound
02/18/18 11:24 AM
pwstory4u@gmail.com: Not working.. trying to watch in LA
02/18/18 11:24 AM
pwstory4u@gmail.com: It says waiting for broadcast