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04/23/17 08:27 AM
FOTCC: Hello Southfield!
04/23/17 08:29 AM
FOTCC: Thank You all from all over the United States... we appreciate you being with us today!
04/23/17 09:10 AM
Neicey: I love this church and truly miss fot east y'all rock .......
05/07/17 08:25 AM
FOTCC: Hello Fountain Family! Thank you all for being in the service with us today!
05/14/17 08:13 AM
FOTCC: Good Morning! Thanks you for being in the service with us on this Mothers Day!
05/14/17 10:04 AM
Melvin Tucker: Beautiful message.really lifted.my soul...
05/14/17 10:04 AM
FOTCC: Beware! The DreamKiller could be your own thoughts!
05/21/17 08:45 AM
Fotcc: Good Morning! Thanks for being in the service with us today!
06/18/17 09:19 AM
cynthia mcspadden: I cant here Bishop
06/18/17 09:20 AM
cynthia mcspadden: the sound is out
06/25/17 08:08 AM
Tamika: Can't get volume...no sound.
06/25/17 08:08 AM
Tamika: Oh, got it!
06/25/17 08:26 AM
Tamika: Hi FOTC family! Congratulations! God is so good!
06/25/17 08:45 AM
Tamika: Lost connection.
06/25/17 08:47 AM
Tamika: Back now.
06/25/17 08:51 AM
07/02/17 09:30 AM
TWINSTAR1558@YAHOO.COM: Wow. Finally got a connection. Preach Bishop.
07/02/17 09:57 AM
TWINSTAR1558@YAHOO.COM: What a word...what a blessed word that was.
07/16/17 09:55 AM
aminan.williams@yahoo.com: Great Word Pastor Damon :biggrin:
07/23/17 09:31 AM
Twinstar1558@yahoo.com: OOOOO....WEE! CONFIRMATION RIGHT THERE PASTOR MATT. Until man decide to head back home on his own, God can not bring him full fold, into where he has purposed him to be. Stop running from God saints.