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09/17/17 10:01 AM
FOTCC: Thank You all for being in the service with us today!
09/17/17 10:02 AM
FOTCC: We appreciate any comments to let us welcome you online!
10/15/17 09:47 AM
Tiffany: I love my church family.
10/29/17 10:19 AM
Bernard B.: COME ON BISHOP!!!!
11/05/17 09:40 AM
Xetavious: Good morning!
11/05/17 10:01 AM
Delicia: Good morning all
11/12/17 09:37 AM
11/12/17 10:09 AM
11/19/17 02:46 PM
Charise caleb: I just love going to the fountain West Campus
11/26/17 09:28 AM
11/26/17 09:38 AM
Seethefountain.com: I truly love the Lord. Pray for me
11/26/17 09:55 AM
erimma jones, jr.: hallelujah...will be there all of dec.
11/26/17 09:59 AM
sing praise team karla: Karla:Let the Lord use you Pastor Brenda, give us a taste of what we can expect to receive at EOW. Love to you and Bishop.
11/26/17 10:12 AM
erimma jones, jr.: am always praying ..in outward & in the spirit for your children, your children,s children tha God wil bless them as you lay before Him, seeking His face for such a message as this..love you
12/03/17 09:12 AM
Bernard B.: Good Morning, Fountain!
12/03/17 09:52 AM
Bernard B.: SING FOUNTAIN!!!!!!
12/03/17 10:33 AM
elderbianca: TEACH US DAVID! God Bless You...
12/03/17 10:39 AM
elderbianca: Yes It Is Life CHANGING Stuff & Yes I CAN.. Thanks Dave...
12/10/17 10:43 AM
Twinstar1558@yahoo.com: Something must'va jumped in your spirit.
12/10/17 10:43 AM
Twinstar1558@yahoo.com: Preach Bishop