11/24/14 02:46 AM
Briar: I'll send out an email sometime around the weekend.
11/24/14 02:46 AM
Briar: http://allsouls.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx
11/24/14 02:46 AM
Briar: Okay. It's not fully done, but close enough for us to screw around with OOC stuff: http://allsouls.j
11/23/14 12:05 AM
Kriss: Yessssss! :D I needs this...
11/22/14 08:02 PM
RixenRae: http://asn.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=1772&hl=
11/22/14 08:02 PM
RixenRae: last big group thread to finish the wolf plot. i think anyway
11/22/14 06:37 PM
RixenRae: happy about this news
11/22/14 06:37 PM
RixenRae: going through my characters and deciding who needs to exist?what are they up too... yeah pretty
11/22/14 01:05 PM
Finn: I'm in for a time jump after new year, I'll actually be done with school then. Miss you all!
11/10/14 09:45 AM
Fay: I am desperate for some ASN. I have yet to find a site I actually enjoy since.
10/20/14 05:31 AM
Cindy: That possibility is all kinds of awesome
10/16/14 12:50 PM
Briar: I've been thinking about opening up a '2 years later' version of ASN after the new year. No promises
10/14/14 11:28 PM
Cindy: Yes please <3
10/02/14 04:54 PM
Fay: we all need to play in the verse again <3
09/25/14 11:44 PM
Angelina: <3333333 *Always checking on this place* Miss all you guys! <3
09/24/14 09:09 PM
Shini: Gods, I haven't used this handle in almost...two years. It's been a long time.
09/24/14 08:58 PM
Fay: <333333333333
09/24/14 08:58 PM
Fay: Miss you, and everyone, too - Cindy.
09/21/14 05:04 PM
Briar: Love this place too much to leave the mess.
09/21/14 05:04 PM
Briar: Cleaned up some of the mess.
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