15 Mar 14, 09:23 AM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
29 Oct 12, 02:37 PM
seraph_phoenix: If you add a site to your name, you're getting banned, spammity-spam.
16 Sep 12, 01:39 PM
Asyikin: everything u have here very nice..enjoy reading it :)
14 Sep 12, 04:07 PM
Nadia: haiiii..walking here and read ur post,nice site :D..dun forget give me give me a visit n comment my post k? :D
19 Jun 12, 06:06 PM
ILoveYou: Great job! Fully of information that all readers needed especially me! Keep it update ya!
12 May 12, 10:46 AM
GurlInLove: Never failed to give fresh & superb info for all your readers! Already bookmark & came back soon for further update!
13 Apr 12, 03:27 PM
seraph_phoenix: Ran into a bit of a snag and the client decided to not do removable clothes and just do permanent. So, I'm working on an update right now. Hopefully I can have it posted soon.
18 Jan 12, 10:50 PM
Monkey: love the WIP on the kit. Would love to see more of your work added to the site!