4 Jun 13, 06:22
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17 May 13, 14:45
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8 Feb 11, 23:08
Christine: Changed URL.. :D
8 Feb 11, 23:08
Christine: Changed URL.. :D
10 Oct 10, 19:33
Huiyin: Hi,visiting!:)
12 Jun 10, 04:38
11 Feb 10, 13:55
koala bear: Lolx... Thx, friends... Haha... Just don't care what he say... I do my best can already... BE YOURSELF... Yea~ My new line here... Hahahahahahaha....
10 Feb 10, 10:22
ivan: to stfu: did anyone forced you to read?? *its a very simple question that you have to ask yourself
9 Feb 10, 19:44
Shooter: Urself shut the f-up!!
9 Feb 10, 19:44
Shooter: Hey stfu, I think U have a great name! So, just call
9 Feb 10, 18:02
joanne: words and spelling too. i don't think there's the word 'stfu' or 'dun' in the dictionary. btw, it's noob cake. since it's just him. it's a singular object. damn, cant you get a life?
9 Feb 10, 18:01
joanne: so stfu, is your english like damn good? so what's your standard? if YOU want people to speak proper english, please spell correctly in the first place. english aint just about grammer. it's about the
8 Feb 10, 10:26
Stfu: sure. i think noob cakes like u n ur fellow frens dun even understand wtf im writing now. get a ****ing life ok?
8 Feb 10, 09:20
KJ: Ya... Just shut up mouth off... Friend, dun care the person.. Just do wat you do...
8 Feb 10, 09:06
koala bear: so wat? I like u like??? Next time dun see la! ****
7 Feb 10, 23:53
Stfu: dont ****ing post broken english n put it on webbie like fb for people to see n have a ****ing hard time to understand what the **** u r writing. ok? get a ****ing life
7 Feb 10, 23:52
Stfu: dude. correct ur ****ing grammar before u blog.
3 Feb 10, 20:27
ivan: O.0
29 Jan 10, 17:17
koey: ur blog was very colourful ;)
29 Jan 10, 00:09
koala bear: Nt too bad... But you will feel like they just ignore all of you... I heard that before that is very good who was handle by Henry... But he graduated ady.. T.T
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