23 Jun 18, 03:56 AM
Lovin: Hot
22 Jun 18, 06:04 PM
Shiela: LOL Peggers, that is just to weird !!! Would scare me!!!!
22 Jun 18, 02:33 PM
Peggers: Needless to say I didn't make anymore stops..
22 Jun 18, 02:33 PM
Peggers: ambulance & they said nah he's just drunk..personally I would have called the police. The manager walked me out..I almost puked on the way home.
22 Jun 18, 02:31 PM
Peggers: him & he started heaving. I think it was dry heaves, then he gets up & go out & brings his bike inside the store & still,cussing, screaming & threating to kill about 18 people. I suggested calling an
22 Jun 18, 02:29 PM
Peggers: whatever his name is calm down, I said he must come in a lot, & she said yes but never like this. The next thing we know he is laying flat on his face on the floor. The manager walked over to check on
22 Jun 18, 02:15 PM
Peggers: hey girls ..After bowling I stopped @the pharmacy picked up my Rx, then got a few other things & was checking out when this guy came in screaming & threatening to kill 18 people..the clerk said,
22 Jun 18, 08:39 AM
Lovin: happy dance
22 Jun 18, 08:23 AM
Shiela: Power has been off for a while ! Not any clouds, rain nothing !! GZZZZZ
21 Jun 18, 08:44 PM
Peggers: not much going on today. Hot
20 Jun 18, 07:17 PM
Peggers: hiya girls wave
20 Jun 18, 12:32 PM
ten: hello, ladies!!
20 Jun 18, 12:47 AM
Carole: good morning all
19 Jun 18, 07:28 PM
Peggers: Anyhoo..I gotta pay some bills & then I'll be back to post the tag I made..
19 Jun 18, 07:27 PM
Peggers: Jeff couldn't stand it & had to look too. But how are they gonna learn stuff..
19 Jun 18, 07:27 PM
Peggers: didn't mind if they would sit in, like the time my retina detatched except for a little hair size thread & had to have emergency surgery. She saw me in the ER & they all took a look & went ewwww. LOL
19 Jun 18, 07:25 PM
Peggers: & a mammo gram. Jeez Louise. She is nothing if not thorough ;) She's been my Doc since 1991. Jeff worked wih her at the hospital & knew I would like her. She is a professor for the residents too,& I
19 Jun 18, 07:23 PM
Peggers: had a Dr. apt. late this afternoon, annual check up, I go every 2 months anyway to get refil on my pain pills. I have to get blood tests,cologuard test,2nd pnemonia shot,low dose Ct scan of the lungs,
19 Jun 18, 03:59 PM
VarshaSM: think my laptop got some bad files in it as it's playingup again! grrr I hope it doesn't crash on me again.
19 Jun 18, 03:47 PM
Lovin: Evening group
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