16 Dec 18, 09:25 PM
JAZZ SHADES in Studio 1: Ho Ho Ho Here we go(take 2)
16 Dec 18, 08:56 PM
Brucey: Nite Phil, have a nice week. Cheers Brucey.
16 Dec 18, 08:55 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Time to say goodbye. Thanks for listening. Back for Christmas Special next week. Goodnight.
16 Dec 18, 08:50 PM
Brucey: Won't get you anywhere Phil, I'm broke!!!
16 Dec 18, 08:46 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Same year as my brother. You do not look our age. You look much younger in real life.
16 Dec 18, 08:43 PM
Brucey: Walt Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice was of course from Fantasia, made in 1940, my birth year!
16 Dec 18, 08:38 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Up there as one of my favourites too.
16 Dec 18, 08:33 PM
Brucey: Got to be the most graphic piece of music ever!
16 Dec 18, 08:25 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: OK Brucey, Rossini have it on the system and will include next week. Nor sure what time yet.
16 Dec 18, 08:22 PM
Brucey: Rossini's Altoto factum (spelling) Figaro Figaro! PS Dukas, another favourite of mine!
16 Dec 18, 08:18 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Can you let me have your choice tonight before we leave.
16 Dec 18, 08:16 PM
Brucey: Oh Bother, sod's law! Next week then, meanwhile enjoying your programme. Cheers.
16 Dec 18, 08:14 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Brucey hope you can tune in next week and will try and play another request for you.
16 Dec 18, 08:12 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Sorry to say yes. We played the Onedin Line Track. Hope h move goes smoothly and it is dry.
16 Dec 18, 08:09 PM
Brucey: Got interrupted by the Trouble and Strife, did I miss it?
16 Dec 18, 07:53 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Coming up shortly Brucey.
16 Dec 18, 07:47 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Brucey we will see what we can do.
16 Dec 18, 07:47 PM
Philip in Studio 1.: Hi Brucey, we thought you would not be about tonight with packing.
16 Dec 18, 07:46 PM
Brucey: Any chance of a request for something by Khachaturian?
16 Dec 18, 07:44 PM
Brucey: And you thought nobody was listening! Good evening Phil, I'm still packing!
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