6 Jun 13, 06:21
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18 May 13, 01:34
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20 May 10, 21:33
melame: nice blog...haha keep up
9 Oct 09, 18:28
wei chin: contact me and tell me whether you available or nt la
9 Oct 09, 18:28
wei chin: planning next gathering on 7/11 sat
12 Aug 09, 23:22
zhiyin: hengshen.....update la....a lot spiders here le....yer....
25 Jul 09, 22:47
hengshen-mama: mama...miss u alot lor...lost contact vf u ad...sad=(
25 Jul 09, 21:02
mama: sooooooo long din update... is time d la!
10 Jul 09, 23:34
zhiyin: stop by to say "Hi" to nai ba yang lama tak jumpa^^
22 Jun 09, 23:21
hhengshen: lol...hs is me lar...
20 Jun 09, 15:02
weiwei-hs: errr...hs is siapa??? hahaha
12 Jun 09, 23:17
invisible gal: hi hs, pass by to say good bye to you. thx for being he reader of my blog.. life ended,blog ended! take care friend!
27 May 09, 23:13
hs-wei wei: if u wn to go feel free to join us lar...30/5 tis saturday at sunway...12pm...1 mth love means me n my gf last for oli 1 mth lar
26 May 09, 23:53
wei wei: hoorrrr...got gathering bo jio la? haha...ehh...one month love? wat mean?
25 May 09, 16:51
wei chin: hs: saw you invited lisa to our gathering.. if she can't make it den ask her to join for lunch also ok ma.. at least also meet each other la.. right?
25 May 09, 14:23
shuping: tagged.
18 May 09, 18:53
wei chin: hs: gathering time and venue set. 30th may and meet at sunway pyramid by 12 noon. so you coming? pls let me know ya..
14 May 09, 21:12
wei chin: hs, you dun always leave message here la.. very hard to find ur blog le... should be end of this month.. use hp contact me la.. haha...
13 May 09, 23:46
heng shen-invisible gal: but at least u leave me ur blog link...=)
13 May 09, 23:45
heng shen-wei chin: sure...let me know when...and i will try to free my time then...=)
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