15 Dec 11, 12:07 AM
saule wright: Should I review that Anthony Hamilton? I mean, everyone is streaming it so you can hear it for free.
11 Oct 11, 05:57 AM
saule wright: I think Marsha just has one of those voices that needs to be solo
10 Oct 11, 12:41 AM
Clay Davis: maybe a Marsha Ambrosius or Adele and Robin Thicke, Donnell Jones,or Joe
9 Oct 11, 11:13 PM
Clay Davis: i remember a few years back before Luther passed he did a duet with Beyonce on the song "The Closer I Get To You"
30 Sep 11, 09:40 PM
saule wright: Good stuff Clay! I don't know that we'll get anymore like that. I'd love to hear Algebra and Eric Benet or Ledisi and Eric Benet sing together.
28 Sep 11, 09:07 AM
Clay Davis: stay on my ipod do you think there will ever be another duo like them and what would be your dream duet
28 Sep 11, 09:06 AM
Clay Davis: Hey Saule listenin to this song by Anthony Hamilton duet got me thinkin about growing up and my folks playin Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and I think there was so much music lost from them and they
5 Sep 11, 10:57 AM
renya: i think she want to do it
5 Sep 11, 10:56 AM
renya: i think marsha ambrosius want s*x
14 Aug 11, 12:39 AM
saule wright: mateo.....nope, can't say that I have Clay. But I'll be on the look out now for material. Thanks for the heads up and suggestion.
11 Aug 11, 01:58 AM
Clay Davis: hey Saule have you heard of Mateo maybe you could introduce him to Soulections
4 Aug 11, 07:55 PM
saule wright: there are a few soulections radio posts here, but nothing permanant right now. Working on that though.
4 Aug 11, 07:33 PM
Clay Davis: my bad radio show on the internet or podcast
2 Aug 11, 05:29 PM
saule wright: radio website?
1 Aug 11, 06:17 PM
Clay Davis: You got a radio website?
28 Jul 11, 12:01 PM
saule wright: Bout time for another Soulections Radio no? Talking or no talking?
17 Jul 11, 06:52 PM
saule wright: LMAO naw, I had no idea lmao
17 Jul 11, 03:18 PM
Verb: that'd be dope SW....I was doin some looking myself, did you know their last album in '00 was called "F*cked Music"? lol, wtf?
17 Jul 11, 08:18 AM
saule wright: @VerBAWSE man, if only I knew. I may have to bring up a "what happened to" post just to see if other folks know.
17 Jul 11, 07:04 AM
Justin: Amazing site, where can I get this theme?
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