27 Jan 18, 03:59 AM
BuffPlease: https://earnably.com/i/CuriousMarker <--help please
7 Nov 17, 05:20 PM
Aerro: 8^D
28 May 17, 09:38 AM
IIPlassticII: where are you?
26 Apr 17, 07:37 PM
senny(misura): hihi fatal, wondering if you still patrol your blogspot :) was thinking of you when my linkedin kept spamming me to invite your email haha. wishing you well!
26 Feb 17, 03:25 AM
Chris: We miss you, fatal! :)
20 Sep 16, 06:01 PM
Aerro: I was just thinking of you and wondering ... Are you Playing Pokemon GO?
16 Jul 16, 03:40 PM
Healer_Darren2: Missing Fiesta so much... Your blog is part of it!
15 Jul 16, 04:45 AM
KakashiStar_4: Hi Fatal! Its been a while since we've last heard from you! Really hope you're doing well! You should try games like Overwatch that just came out (just a suggestion)
9 May 16, 03:22 PM
_SweetCandy_: Every time this blog shows up brings me a lot of memories from the game. I miss those days!
23 Apr 16, 06:55 AM
Healer_Darren2: You'll always be Fiesta's hero!! :)
8 Apr 16, 06:46 PM
pooop: who here plays alot of fiesta online?
24 Mar 16, 07:18 PM
Ena: this is the blog that help me when i just start fiesta in 2011 xD
9 Mar 16, 02:59 PM
Keera: is no mercy still on bijou?
4 Feb 16, 03:35 PM
Celtic_Princess: Hey Fatal! This blog brings back a lot of memories, if you make another return, I'll see you around Isya!
20 Jan 16, 04:35 PM
Aerro: Hello FatalLace. I just came to look up some old info. <3 Aerro
28 Dec 15, 02:52 PM
^-^: Hello Fatal, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
27 Dec 15, 04:57 PM
Nympha: Hope you are doing well and if you do comeback come visit Isya!
27 Dec 15, 04:56 PM
Nympha: Happy Holidays Fatal! I don't know if you are planning on making a comeback to the game. I am just a casual player I don't have the luxury to grind for hours so I mostly log in for quests and KQs
22 Sep 15, 02:42 PM
Ventus50: Have you tried the game since the merge?
10 Sep 15, 06:17 AM
a cat: life goes on :(
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