23 Aug 13, 02:33 PM
dreamlucky: [D] You're welcome! What role did Ronald Law act in No Regrets? I don't seem to have an impression of him. And I haven't been keeping up with the recent TVB dramas heh.
12 Aug 13, 10:30 PM
D: Hi dreamlucky, with all the hype around Ronald Law now, why don't you do a post about him in NR? Wish that you have a blog like this on TITS2.... Anyway, thank you for a great blog during NR airimg.
20 Apr 13, 02:40 PM
dreamlucky: [Shereryne] I agree with you on that. It's such a pity, really! :(
17 Apr 13, 05:28 AM
Shereryne: I'm always thinking of you and your blog, Dreamlucky! I love No Regrets most but I feel so much disappointed of RB3! rape, bed scene and a lot of love scene! actually destroy the unspoken love style
15 Feb 13, 10:34 PM
dreamlucky: [Huy] Hi Huy! I'm sorry, I do not know and I haven't really been keeping up with news regarding RB 3 since there was nothing much about it too. :(
11 Feb 13, 10:40 AM
Huy: hey, would you know if Susan Tse is confirmed to film in RB3? i find mixed answers everywhere! i believe it'd be great if she was in it. she played a great villain in 1&2
1 Jan 13, 05:54 PM
dreamlucky: [Lily Lee] Happy New Year to you too, Lily! :)
1 Jan 13, 05:53 PM
dreamlucky: create a new storyline from this...
1 Jan 13, 05:53 PM
dreamlucky: reception will be like. RB 1 and 2 have been shown, to great acclaim, so I guess they're trying to ride on that success. To be honest RB 3's theme is a lot like No Regrets'... Don't know how they can
1 Jan 13, 05:52 PM
dreamlucky: [Sherayne] Happy New Year to you Sherayne! :D Haha, quite true. Why can't they name that series as Detective Columbo? I think Detective Columbo has not been shown yet so they don't know what the
1 Jan 13, 05:51 PM
dreamlucky: [[Justvb] Happy 2013 to you! :)
26 Dec 12, 02:39 AM
Lily Lee: Merry Christmas and happy new year!!! lol kinda sad that Sheren cant return for RB3
25 Dec 12, 11:33 PM
Sherayne: Why don't they just name it Detective Columbo 2? haha :P
25 Dec 12, 11:33 PM
Sherayne: Merry Christmas, Dreamlucky! ^^ I think I will not treat the third sequel as RB 3...it'll just be another series to me. :P I don't really like the cast of RB 3. They are mainly from Detective Columbo.
25 Dec 12, 09:56 PM
Justvb: Merry Christmas everyone! ^ ^
15 Dec 12, 12:39 AM
dreamlucky: presentation of RB 2. The ending part where they were pointing guns at each other. I was totally going "EH! I think I've seen this somewhere LOL!". :P
15 Dec 12, 12:38 AM
dreamlucky: [Sherayne] Haha, congratulations on finishing your O-levels! Good luck for your results! Oh, and I'm graduating in 2014. I've seen it as well. Haha, it gives off the same vibe as the sales
15 Dec 12, 12:37 AM
dreamlucky: [Thiên TÌnh] I whole-heartedly agree with you! If the 3rd sequel ends up not being up to expectations, it'll just ruin everybody's impression of the first two. :(
25 Nov 12, 06:23 PM
Sherayne: Btw, have u watched RB 3's sales presentation? It looks very similar to No Regrets :/
25 Nov 12, 06:21 PM
Sherayne: Don't worry so much, dreamlucky! Relax :D I'm sure your hard work will pay off :P When are u graduating? :biggrin:
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