17 Aug 19, 14:20
Kaydee: of adding resources and revamping tutorials.
17 Aug 19, 14:20
Kaydee: I am currently revamping my website so no links are currently working. I'm in the process
8 Aug 19, 00:08
owner: r e a d & r e p l i e d ---------------------------
4 Aug 19, 14:01
Rach: Hi Claressa. I have a new layout! Hope your well! <3 :)
28 Jul 19, 11:39
kayla: awesome adding you now! :)
27 Jul 19, 19:54
owner: r e a d & r e p l i e d ---------------------------
26 Jul 19, 07:06
amanda: I still want to be in the listing :) I will change link now. Happy birthday to your one year old :D
26 Jul 19, 04:24
Salya: I would still like to be on the listing. so I'm letting you know and will update the links soon. ^^
25 Jul 19, 23:31
bear: hi hun! just moved to my new site cherried! can u pls change my link? http://cherried.wishrose.net c: tysm! i love ur new layout btw!!
24 Jul 19, 10:08
Jaluna: I'd like to do a link exchange, assuming that is what it means to swap buttons.
21 Jul 19, 16:41
kayla: Hi I like your site! :) Would you like to be affies?
21 Jul 19, 13:25
Rach: I'm glad your back online. Hope things are well for you. I have been doing well. But it's a heat wave here for three days straight. :( It will cool down tomorrow we are supposed to have thunderstorms.
21 Jul 19, 01:49
Sakura: Hihi, I have updated my link in https://violinstar.net/?page_id=4748
20 Jul 19, 15:11
9Daily: Doing a affiliation check, thank you for keeping my link up.
19 Jul 19, 09:49
Rach: Hello. I'm doing okay. I love the way do your frame codes. So pretty colors. :) I hope you'll have a nice weekend. Were supposed to have a heat wave here in Jersey. Eek. So not looking forward to it.
18 Jul 19, 20:22
Rose: I’ll fix it, thanks.
18 Jul 19, 14:10
9Daily: changed the link
18 Jul 19, 08:53
BRandi: Changed link <3 my apologizes I kept forgetting T_T Love your new content, saved some decos, and other items <3
17 Jul 19, 20:38
owner: r e a d & r e p l i e d ---------------------------
17 Jul 19, 18:01
Rach: Hi Ya Claressa. That would be great. Let me know when it's up! I will remove electro listing button asap. How are you btw?
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