27 Jul 17, 17:00
kevin @ h0neydip: affie sweep passed. thnx for keeping my link up! how are you doing?
25 Jul 17, 18:59
Syd: thank you so much, you're lovely <3 im glad you really like my work. :')
25 Jul 17, 04:26
Rach: Hi I have a new layout! I've used some textures too! Thanks <3
24 Jul 17, 20:41
OWNER: --------------------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
23 Jul 17, 20:08
Pim: I've already added your link add my too when you get the chance
23 Jul 17, 11:57
Sky: haha yeah I know the feeling. updates are always so tedious.
23 Jul 17, 02:04
Rach: Thank you! :) I can't wait to see your new layout!! I love your iframes you do. I wish I knew how to, lol! But they're really good!
22 Jul 17, 14:25
Sky: nice I can't wait to see your new layout when it us!
22 Jul 17, 14:11
Pim: You're welcome. I added your link ❤ Thank you
22 Jul 17, 13:34
Rach: Hi Claressa. I have a new layout and your el listing button is listed now
22 Jul 17, 13:04
Pim: Hi ❤ How are you? Hope you're well. Would you like to be affies?
22 Jul 17, 12:49
OWNER: --------------------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
21 Jul 17, 12:10
Sky: hey affie! my site is back open and has new content. come check it out!
20 Jul 17, 09:29
kevin @ h0neydip: thank you i appreiate that
19 Jul 17, 05:25
Rach: Oh okay! cool. I will add you to my listed section today! Thanks for letting me know I can do that. :)
18 Jul 17, 22:37
Syd: Thank you ♥ and yes i would very much still like a review!
18 Jul 17, 20:33
OWNER: --------------------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
17 Jul 17, 13:08
Syd: Hey affie, I have a new URL! ♥ Please change it! c:
17 Jul 17, 07:08
Rach: Oh I have to add you to my listed part of my site. Should I direct link your listing button?!
17 Jul 17, 07:05
Rach: Hi Claressa. I have a new layout!! Hope you can come visit. I've used the same textures from your site. Just gave you credit though. <3 :)
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