19 Jul 18, 10:54
Salya: omg she is sooo cute. Congrats ^_^
16 Jul 18, 15:02
:Karla: Omg, she is so BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to you and your family! I hope things go well with your staples removal and that the spinal headache has gone away by now :) <3
15 Jul 18, 20:56
Rach: She is absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!!!
7 Jul 18, 13:13
Rach: Just wanted to let you know I have a new layout!
5 Jul 18, 15:34
Rach: I love coming to your site. It's so nice. Thanks for all of your great content, Claressa. <#
5 Jul 18, 13:29
Amanda: I know. I blocked two and I will block more lol. Thank u for the compliment on the layout. I hope you're well.
4 Jul 18, 20:44
OWNER: -------------------------- r e p l i e d
4 Jul 18, 14:16
Mai: Hi there! I changed my domain from Bunnywish.com to kawaiiness.net since my domain host is inactive, let me know if you still want to be affies, get well soon, thank you!
23 Jun 18, 15:15
OWNER: -------------------------- r e p l i e d
23 Jun 18, 09:48
Rach: Hi Claressa. Just seeing how your doing. Hope your well hon! <3 :)
22 Jun 18, 20:00
Amanda: I agree yes it does. You're in my prayers hon <3
22 Jun 18, 09:29
Amanda: Bed rest sucks I know. I was on it with all of mine lol. I hope things go smoothly for you honey. I'll be checking on you time to time. Prayers and love sweetheart <3
22 Jun 18, 00:56
Gayle: bed rest sucks. i was on best rest with my youngest because of gestational diabetes i was considered high risk. then he didnt want to come out yet so i was induced
21 Jun 18, 21:40
Gayle: i hope your doing okay. prayers for fast recovery. when you are back for good we can even be affies if you want.
21 Jun 18, 21:38
Gayle: It's fine to keep in on as long as i'm credited. when i left the siteworld before alot of ppl thought it was okay to take my graphics and claimed as their own.
21 Jun 18, 19:14
Amanda: Hey hon, I was just checking up on you. Hope you're ok <3
21 Jun 18, 04:20
:Karla: Yes! I used to change monthly but then I had no internet for a while & I would change it when I was able to :D
20 Jun 18, 00:31
:Karla: Aw, thank you for SD's layout compliment! It was about time I changed it :D
12 Jun 18, 21:16
OWNER: -------------------------- r e p l i e d
12 Jun 18, 05:10
:Karla: It is almost mid June and you will be away soon. So stopping by to wish you well & see ya "later" ^_^ ♥
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