3 Jun 20, 22:55
Olivia: Aw you are fine! I'm not going to delete your site at all unless you want me to. <3
26 May 20, 22:26
amanda: Ohh no.. whts the site revival group? x
26 May 20, 12:34
Scerika: Oh no :( Totally get it, life gets so busy~ I hope the best for you and if you ever reconsider I will always be happy to affiliate~!
25 May 20, 10:27
Rach: Can I add you on face book?
24 May 20, 22:11
Karla SEyez: Nooooooooo! I hope you will reconsider (if possible). You have A LOT of awesome content to let it go unseen/used :(
23 May 20, 21:27
Salya: I'm with Kayla but if you need to leave, it's fine. I will miss your site and stuff.
23 May 20, 13:07
9Daily: I wish you good luck ^^
23 May 20, 09:00
Rach: can we keep in touch?
23 May 20, 08:57
Rach: why didnt you let me know you werent going to be a site anymore?
23 May 20, 00:04
Kayla/loveblush: Don't quit! Just take a break and update when you have time!
16 May 20, 09:39
Rach: <3
16 May 20, 09:39
Rach: Hey Claressa! I have a new layout! Hope your well! :) <4
9 May 20, 16:51
9daily: I'm going into revamp mode with 9Daily and maybe even be taking a hiatus for a while. Just letting you know so you know why I might be inactive.
9 May 20, 13:42
Rach: Hey Love your new layout Clareassa! Luckystorm has a new layout! Come soon! <3 :)
2 May 20, 17:50
Robin: My site is http://Babycakez.org
2 May 20, 17:49
Robin: Affiliate please ? Love your site
26 Apr 20, 14:27
9Daily: Hii! how are you doing? I have finally updated 9Daily with a new layout and created some new stuff.
25 Apr 20, 20:35
Rach: Oh wow! How pretty! This really Spring like!! Awesome job!!