10 Apr 19, 00:39
Brandi: Please change link to this sugarpie.wishrose.net
27 Mar 19, 17:48
Rach: Hey. Oh wow. Take your time no rush. Hope your family feels better soon! :(
24 Mar 19, 17:22
Rach: Hi Claerssa. I've applied for my site at electro listings. Thanks for having a site like that. It truly does help! <3 :)
21 Mar 19, 19:14
Rach: Hi Claressa. Does electro listings except fan sites for actors, etc?! I was just wondering. I'd like to apply
6 Mar 19, 17:49
Rach: I wanted to tell you that I love your frame codes. I seriously wish I knew how to code iframes like this. The style is fab! Hope you will have a good rest of the week. Is it Friday yet? LOL! Ttyl!
28 Feb 19, 10:37
Rach: Just wanted to let you know I have a new layout! Hope you can come visit. <3 :)
28 Feb 19, 07:44
Rach: I'm doing great. Hope people start to feel better. How is work?
27 Feb 19, 21:23
OWNER: ---------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
27 Feb 19, 18:34
Rach: Hi Claressa! How are things?! Hope your well. <3 :)
1 Feb 19, 04:37
9Daily: Hello! 9Daily as a new layout ft. ASTRO. There also some new updates on the website so come and check it out ^_^
28 Jan 19, 04:04
Rach: Hey Claressa. Aww! How old are they now?! How cute! I have a new layout. I was bored. Sometimes I get that way, you know?! LOL!
20 Jan 19, 05:51
Rach: I've been sick with a bad cough and cold :( I felt so weak. :( It was terrible but now I'm better. How are the kids doing?!
20 Jan 19, 05:51
Rach: It's sooo good to hear from you! I'
19 Jan 19, 19:54
kevin: awe thank you. and im doing good!!!
19 Jan 19, 13:21
kevin: Hey! H0neydip has a new lyt! Come check it out! <3
14 Jan 19, 17:44
kevin: affie sweep passed. thnx for keeping my link up
14 Jan 19, 06:55
Rach: Hi Claressa! It's been a while. Nice new layout!! Love the colors! How are you these days?! <3 :)
13 Jan 19, 22:36
amanda: same here. been working nights like crazy and when im not working im sleeping so i dont get much done lol or im binge watching my shows.
13 Jan 19, 00:26
amanda: Happy new year :) how s life been? x
9 Jan 19, 09:45
9Daily: Hello, Sorry that I haven't wished you happy holidays, lots of things happened at the end of 2018 so that I had to take a break but I'll make a comeback soon again.
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