11 Dec 18, 18:09
OWNER: ---------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
8 Dec 18, 03:03
Gayle: Hey affie just dropping by to say hi. please change my link from girlycutegraphics.com to http://xquisitekisses.com. Thanks!
1 Dec 18, 05:21
Tiffany: Hi Claressa! Hope your well long time no talk, hoping I'll be back soon with a new site
25 Nov 18, 13:57
9Daily: Hello, 9Daily has some new updates which you can read here https://9-daily.blogspot.com/2018/11/004-updates.html . I hope you have a nice day!
22 Nov 18, 10:53
9Daily: Happy Thanksgiving https://images2.imgbox.com/84/4d/rQdutoMh_o.png
20 Nov 18, 11:57
Amanda: I’m not doing too bad. Lack of sleep & night shift is driving me crazy lol
19 Nov 18, 14:59
9Daily: a little tired lately but I´m doing good ^^
19 Nov 18, 13:35
Amanda: Thank you.
19 Nov 18, 12:02
OWNER: ---------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
19 Nov 18, 12:02
amanda: no worries, thanks :)
19 Nov 18, 12:00
OWNER: ---------------------- r e a d & r e p l i e d
17 Nov 18, 07:32
amanda: Hi, just checking on my affies. how are you? thanks for keeping my link up x
17 Nov 18, 02:59
Amanda: hey. Im cleaning out the links on my directory and I can't see my button on your site. I do know my button wasnt working for awhile so that might be the reason x
16 Nov 18, 05:52
Amanda: Hey, i just wanted to let you know that Forbidden Love's message board was rebooted. Please feel free to join again. thanks.
11 Nov 18, 20:12
Amanda: Hey just stopping by to say hey and check on ya. Hope you're ok <3
11 Nov 18, 08:03
Rach: Hi Claressa. I have a new layout! Hope your well. Hope things are going okay. :)
1 Nov 18, 18:43
9Daily: Hello! thanks for keeping my link up. 9Daily has a new layout and new updates http://9-daily.blogspot.com/2018/11/003-updates.html . How are you doing?
1 Nov 18, 11:01
Roma: hey brand new layout is up x
25 Oct 18, 20:23
25 Oct 18, 20:23
Brandi: Hey hun! hope all is well could you kindly update my site from Hakanai Paper to animepapers.net thank you <3
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