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11 Mar 16, 11:43 PM
Neph: stalking is such a strong word...though I do enjoy reading the threads
9 Mar 16, 11:28 PM
Linux: wait! youve been stalking on SAD you sneaky little bugger!
7 Mar 16, 05:23 PM
5 Mar 16, 10:23 PM
Neph: miss you all too!! I can't wait to talk to you all again...for now I'll just stalk you on the supernatural site...I mean totally NOT do that...
25 Feb 16, 06:20 PM
MIDNIGHT: thanks neph miss you love, when the site is back and really going we'll let you know
23 Feb 16, 10:26 PM
Linux: neph!!!! I MISS YOU!
20 Feb 16, 09:03 AM
Neph: had to pop on and say...LOVE the new layout, its looking great
12 Feb 16, 07:09 PM
MIDNIGHT: *pops in*
28 Jan 16, 11:58 PM
Linux: nuh
28 Jan 16, 09:35 PM
MIDNIGHT: *pokes the Lin*
18 Jan 16, 12:28 PM
Linux: imma pokes in here and say hi for a moment XP
10 Jan 16, 04:31 PM
Phoenix: *Flutters in*
5 Jan 16, 11:50 PM
MIDNIGHT: *pops in*
17 Nov 15, 10:14 PM
MIDNIGHT: *pops in*
17 Nov 15, 01:40 AM
Phoenix: Lalala!
10 Nov 15, 09:07 PM
Neph: *sneaks in*
10 Nov 15, 02:41 PM
MIDNIGHT: *wanders in*
10 Nov 15, 12:31 AM
Phoenix: Sorry I got caught up in trying to do some songwriting.
10 Nov 15, 12:31 AM
Phoenix: Did I miss the Neph?
9 Nov 15, 09:38 PM
Neph: *saunters in*
9 Nov 15, 08:34 PM
Phoenix: *dive bombs in*
8 Nov 15, 09:21 PM
Neph: *tiptoes in*
8 Nov 15, 12:02 AM
Phoenix: *Pets*
8 Nov 15, 12:02 AM
Phoenix: You should get some sleep then hun.
7 Nov 15, 11:58 PM
Neph: bah im falling asleep over here, sorry I can't stay on longer :(, but ill be back tomorrow! night all, hope things get better nix, good luck with your writing mid! <3
7 Nov 15, 11:47 PM
Neph: oh boy, do you have someone you can report all this too?
7 Nov 15, 11:45 PM
Phoenix: Then the other day she was going to take a bunch of crap out to the trash. She decided to use the fire extinguisher to prop open the door. (Which I at first asked her not to do cause she kept leaving it in the path and people were running into it, then I changed it to asking her to put it back on the hook. I also had requested that if she didn't want to deal with putting it back to just use the door lock latch thingy.) So when she got back, unknown to me, she just pushed the fire extinguisher into a random spot by the "coat closet" which is more of a very small nook than a closet. So there is a chance that I could accidentally kick it while grabbing a coat. Also if I need it, it's harder to find, especially if I hadn't noticed that it was gone and had to get a friend to help me find it over skype.
7 Nov 15, 11:41 PM
Neph: that sucks
7 Nov 15, 11:33 PM
Phoenix: Yeah she's been awful lately. I'm like 95% sure that she stole ALL of my cleaning supplies and stuff that I had under my sink, which she has no reason to even be in cause she has her own. Hers is in her room and a rivate one, but mine is a shared bathroom, but there's no other roommate to share it with me. That's the only thing that is missing and she's a clean freak. There's no one else around so it had to be her.
7 Nov 15, 11:30 PM
Neph: ick
7 Nov 15, 11:29 PM
Phoenix: Yeah she's a pain in the ass, and I am pretty sure it's her as a person rather than her OCD.
7 Nov 15, 11:27 PM
Neph: uh oh
7 Nov 15, 11:27 PM
Phoenix: Sorry I got here so late. I had to deal with a confrontation with my dumbass roommate.
7 Nov 15, 11:15 PM
Neph: how goes teh writing btw?
7 Nov 15, 11:14 PM
Neph: lol no worries! I know you'll get em done when you've got the time
7 Nov 15, 11:10 PM
MIDNIGHT: getting them finished the naonwrimo owns my soul
7 Nov 15, 11:09 PM
MIDNIGHT: I'm sorry I've slowed down on the races and that
7 Nov 15, 11:09 PM
MIDNIGHT: awe you poor thing
7 Nov 15, 11:09 PM
Neph: good, gettin sweepy
7 Nov 15, 11:09 PM
MIDNIGHT: how are you
7 Nov 15, 11:07 PM
7 Nov 15, 11:06 PM
Neph: :P how are you?
7 Nov 15, 11:06 PM
MIDNIGHT: *glomp*
7 Nov 15, 11:06 PM
MIDNIGHT: Nephhhhh
7 Nov 15, 10:57 PM
Neph: *glomps*
7 Nov 15, 10:56 PM
MIDNIGHT: *wanders in*
7 Nov 15, 09:14 PM
Neph: *sneaks in*
7 Nov 15, 01:00 AM
Phoenix: (Night Neph!)
7 Nov 15, 12:58 AM
MIDNIGHT: (alright loveeee youuuuu get some good sleep)
7 Nov 15, 12:58 AM
Neph: (have a good night to you both!!! <3)
7 Nov 15, 12:57 AM
Neph: (i know, i am a little, but im also really tired lol...iill be on tomorrow, hope to see both of you for more rp shennanigans! maybe dust off some of my other characters :P)
7 Nov 15, 12:57 AM
MIDNIGHT: (I'd be too scared to sleep)
7 Nov 15, 12:57 AM
MIDNIGHT: (meeeeep)
7 Nov 15, 12:56 AM
Neph: (it's official, I have a ghost who thinks I need to sleep, my computer just restarted on its own, no update, no where near the tower....creepy)
7 Nov 15, 12:32 AM
MIDNIGHT: Serin: We're just teasing. At lease I am. You know I think your alright man.
7 Nov 15, 12:30 AM
Neph: Logan: *continues to laugh* Your convinced as you said, 'I am badass' *falls to the ground laughing*
7 Nov 15, 12:29 AM
Phoenix: Zander: *glares and broods* Shut up prettyboy.
7 Nov 15, 12:28 AM
Neph: (hahaha)
7 Nov 15, 12:28 AM
7 Nov 15, 12:26 AM
Neph: (logan is having a minor victory dance atm)
7 Nov 15, 12:26 AM
Phoenix: (Which shows that Zander is not as cool as he likes to try to pass himself off as.)
7 Nov 15, 12:25 AM
Phoenix: (*dies* ROFLMFAO!!! I love it it's so true!)
7 Nov 15, 12:25 AM
MIDNIGHT: Serin: *just couldn't help but laugh at that comment because it was so true*
7 Nov 15, 12:23 AM
Neph: Logan: *laughs heartily* People who are badass, don't say they're badass.
7 Nov 15, 12:22 AM
Phoenix: Zander: I am not a brat! I am badass.
7 Nov 15, 12:21 AM
MIDNIGHT: Serin: Eh don't worry about it, he just does it to try and unnerve people though because he's a brat like that. *chuckles*
7 Nov 15, 12:09 AM
Neph: Logan: *looks back and forth between the two before shivering visibly* Ooookaaaaay
7 Nov 15, 12:09 AM
Phoenix: Zander: ...So true *grins*
7 Nov 15, 12:02 AM
MIDNIGHT: Serin: What else is new, if there was a definition of creepy in the dictionary it would have Zander's name plastered to it with his picture along side it for reference.
6 Nov 15, 11:51 PM
Neph: Logan: *turns to Serin as he mouths* Creepy?
6 Nov 15, 11:49 PM
Phoenix: Zander: *Wonders if his eyes went all feral catlike while he was sleeping* You have no idea... *He smirked and spoke in a low creepy tone.*
6 Nov 15, 11:47 PM
Neph: Logan: *arches a brow* That's.....creepy.
6 Nov 15, 11:46 PM
Phoenix: Zander: As a matter of fact I do. *tries to stiffle a yawn*
6 Nov 15, 11:35 PM
Neph: Logan: *gives Serin an angry glare before turning back to Zander* You sleep with your eyes open?
6 Nov 15, 11:34 PM
MIDNIGHT: Serin: Don't get me in trouble.
6 Nov 15, 11:34 PM
Phoenix: Zander: Hmmm could it possibly be because I was sleeping? *dry sarcastic tone*
6 Nov 15, 11:31 PM
Neph: Logan: You weren't responding?!?! *turns to Serin* Right?
6 Nov 15, 11:30 PM
Phoenix: Zander: *forces his fangs back in and wipes away a strand of drool off his chin.* Did you seriously just poke me with a stick?
6 Nov 15, 11:27 PM
Neph: Logan: *starts and takes a step back* Nope, just lost in his own mind. *tosses the stick to the side.*
6 Nov 15, 11:25 PM
Phoenix: Zander: *Wakes up* What tha...
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