23 May 13, 10:05
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13 May 10, 14:07
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30 Nov 09, 12:41
bob chua: pundek bro. 1st time visiting ur blog..lol
17 Apr 09, 11:48
Jeremy Q: tak ajak me for the sushi.... bring me along la. now u see, no more RM 2
16 Apr 09, 22:51
zhen yuan: Earthworm Jim's cousin: Started dy started dy.. ish *rotans feet*. Oh wait.. u don't hv a feet..
16 Apr 09, 22:50
zhen yuan: Jeremy: Sorry for the ffks. It was on purpose.
16 Apr 09, 15:34
Earthworm Jim's cousin: Bila itu Projek 365 mau bermula?? *taps feet
9 Apr 09, 22:30
Jeremy Q: oi... bila lu mau datang ambil ur book
8 Apr 09, 00:27
Zhen Yuan: lol, yea man. Way to go. rofl
8 Apr 09, 00:03
Jeremy Q: looks like i am the first one to write on ur cbox dude..