22 Nov 11, 16:31
우리 LADIES:: Hi Nabilah, We did accept custom-made but it depends what is the design that you require for, because some of it material no longer available. Thanks!
21 Nov 11, 16:10
nabilah: hey do u take custom made orders?
18 Feb 11, 19:37
selia: hi there. do u send updates thru email? if u do pls add me in ur mailing list. thanks.
18 Jan 11, 12:34
우리 LADIES: Hi Lizzy, please refer each picture below. Stated in Ringgit Malaysia. Thanks!
17 Jan 11, 19:45
lizzy: Hey there may i know how much is this S007?
4 Dec 10, 19:17
우리 LADIES: But we will come out a new batch of flowers accessories end Dec/Early Jan, so stay tune :) Cheers!
4 Dec 10, 19:17
우리 LADIES: Hi serene thanks for interested with the wedding flowers design, however we can't take up your order due to our material all out of stock.
4 Dec 10, 02:58
serene: hi, i wanna order RED/PINK 'Wedding Flowers Design'.. can u contact me?
3 Dec 10, 18:48
우리 LADIES: Hi artsyfarty, thank you :) Always visited your interesting website.
2 Dec 10, 17:17
artsyfartsy: hi reviewed ur snowflakes earrings. so pretty! :)
6 Oct 10, 18:42
우리 LADIES: Hi eve, We just email you. Kindly check whenever you are free. Cheers!
6 Oct 10, 18:31
eve: how much is the birdy rings? so cute :)
19 Jul 10, 21:02
For Charming Girls: New Review site for Fashion Accessories. Feel free to drop by. *Is having giveaway contest now ;)
8 Jul 10, 18:37
Pretty in Pink: Oops, so sorry! Wrong link. this is the right one --> http://jeanne-junmey.blogspot.com/
28 Jun 10, 17:48
우리 LADIES: Thanks Joysan for your comment. Thanks Arty/farty for your review. Will add your link soon.
27 Jun 10, 21:29
artsy/fartsy: hi new craft review site. exchange links? :)
17 Jun 10, 22:44
joysan: keep up ur work!! nice!!
11 Jun 10, 23:11
우리 LADIES: Hello Grace, we just email you, please check whenever you are available. Thanks and great weekend to you! :)
11 Jun 10, 21:04
grace: hi, can i know how much of those necklace,im interested to buy it, if i buy more then how many discoount?pls let me know and email me
7 Jun 10, 10:36
우리 LADIES: Hi YuYie, Thanks for visiting our craft site, can you email your request to uri_crafts@yahoo.com? Thanks!
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