07/01/13 05:23 PM
neeqa: salam ukhwah :)ingin menjual baju raya tapi tak tahu bagaimana? sila ke blog saya :)
06/29/13 01:20 AM
abg superman: cara buat pemegang handphone guna garpu je beb :D
05/20/13 11:14 AM
Free Product Samples: hey, nice blog! wanna trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
05/07/13 02:57 PM
abang gadget: mari singgah abg jual powerbank murah2 ni :)
11/11/12 08:34 AM
nabihah: minum teh kat sini jap ye :D
09/06/12 12:20 AM
pn nana: awk ada keje x?
07/05/12 07:42 AM
OpenboxMalaysia: nak tgk Astr0 Full Channel tanpa langgan Astr0?? Ada Astr0 First lagi :)
07/05/12 06:05 AM
lelaki kacak: jom ikut saya karok :D
05/18/12 08:17 AM
rosfariza: hye awak..bucuknye :p jemput dtg blog saya :)
05/18/12 06:00 AM
anis nabila: hye tuan tanah :) sport check jap kat sini :D
08/01/11 02:41 PM
Deanna: PLEASE PLEASE could you tell me what happened to you?? did you drop of the planet??
01/24/11 07:58 AM
Deanna: Hi! believe it or not i check out your blog ever so often,,, hoping to see some new cards,,,
10/31/09 01:22 PM
Phyllis: I love your style as well as your music playlist. I have your site bookmarked for sure!
10/31/09 01:20 PM
Phyllis: Maryvel:
10/30/09 04:24 AM
Ruth M: Hi Maryvel, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about the pop up butterfly punch, I'll resend. R x
10/19/09 10:36 PM
Chris: Hi Maryvel, are your words vinlyn lettering on the wall? Where did you get it? Thanks!
06/09/09 08:36 PM
Donna: Awesome cards.....and space; how do you get any work done?
05/07/09 02:44 AM
Annette: Hello there, young lady;) How nice to be here, I sure have missed you a lot.
04/10/09 10:40 PM
Maryvel: From this seller: http://shop.ebay.ca/merchant/pastimeworks_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
04/10/09 10:39 PM
Maryvel: If any body else is interested on knowing where I got my ink pad shelf, I got it on eBay Canada.
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