23 May 13, 03:00
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4 Sep 10, 12:29
Alex: Thx guys...love u both...sry kenot meet up during raya break
31 Aug 10, 01:00
Paul: yeah man stay strong... just dont get drunk lol
21 Aug 10, 17:51
Steamer: alex, stay strong...if i can do it..y not u?
9 Apr 10, 11:13
Alex>>Mint: Love is a miracle...lol
24 Mar 10, 19:41
mint: love is wat...wat is love love love...
3 Mar 10, 08:27
Alex>>Mint: Agree wif u...bak home, we can juz purely be ourselves....without a need to change any mask...
28 Feb 10, 13:26
mint: i think that frens n family back home reminds who u really are...who u have been...it gives me secure a feeling for not losing myself in the world out there...sumtimes its easy to get confuse out ther
26 Feb 10, 22:38
nicholas: LAME!!!
18 Feb 10, 20:39
Alex>>Paul: LOL for fun only la...ntg much
18 Feb 10, 06:38
paul: omg sicko questions lol
14 Feb 10, 15:34
joyce: happy CNY 2 u too! =)
31 Jan 10, 11:16
Alex: LOL LOL x mau kacau the harmony of ur gang mer....haha nxt time i say hi...haha
25 Jan 10, 22:45
joyce: Ohh...like that lar...hmm!! i with my whole gang u cannot say hi d lar? haih...wat lar..berani berani come say hi to me mar.. haha!! =P
25 Jan 10, 20:52
Alex>>Joyce: Lol lol u wif ur whole gang...besides, me bz eating...haha!! When i'm eating, the world is nothing....haha!!
24 Jan 10, 21:34
joyce: hahaha! wow.. why u din come say hi to me?! hehehe..sure excluding me lahhh... LOLZ!!
24 Jan 10, 17:21
Alex>>Joyce: Oh and btw, i saw u again at Sin Yong Kee....u were wif ur frenz....n i saw u on Friday when u were riding ur bicycle bak....these days seem to bump in to u everywhere i go...haha
24 Jan 10, 17:20
Alex>>Joyce: U syok la....cny get long break...aih aih...we din even get it during my time...gals are very mafan...oops excluding u...haha!!
24 Jan 10, 17:19
Alex>>Thomas: Bak is bak, whether i get one week or 2 days hols, depends on whether i can get the replacements done
24 Jan 10, 14:13
joyce: hey Alex..all the best for ur new sem! =) my sem, on d other hand is coming 2 an end..study break now.. tutorial mates all gals again?..u 'song' liao lor..haha.. =P
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