19 Nov 13, 20:44
musika: thanks for this! :D
1 Sep 13, 02:46
Bodhisattva: its alr been 5 years plus...i still can't thank you enough for ur dal stuffs
5 Aug 13, 21:01
JiaWei: Brings back wonderful memories! Thanks!
14 Jul 13, 22:42
Tengzilla: All rites sure :) I will constantly update you on the forum if i find any other bugs
13 Jul 13, 19:33
Evo: So please try not to use those skills that causes range increase etc. for now. Lien Q skill had being fixed, I will take a look at Revenant and Lost Child skill. Thanks for the update.
13 Jul 13, 19:30
Evo: Noted, I will work on it. And just to let you know there are still some sight range bugs for Arina, Dorothy and Veron in current version, but these are fixed in 1.0.7.
9 Jul 13, 18:36
Tengzilla: I have sent u a private message on the DAL forum with the list of things i found. I guess it would be better for me to update u there instead of creating multiple posts here
9 Jul 13, 17:38
Tengzilla: Lastly, i think Lien's revenant should not have spell immunity ( Based on what i rmb it being different from isabelle's vampire) I rmb casting peiah's E skill on it before. Sry if i spam too much here
9 Jul 13, 17:24
Tengzilla: Another weird thing i noticed was that, by just walking away to the edge of the circle, my doro dodged veron's ulti dmg without anti-magic on, but i still received the stun from it.
9 Jul 13, 17:18
Tengzilla: Discovered a bug that combat boots's slow casted on doro can be dodged by just walking away out of range in time.
9 Jul 13, 06:08
Tengzilla: Great update! Liking the expanding maelstrom effect :) And good job with the AI system too! Looking forward to the next update =D
22 Apr 13, 10:44
musika: Wow! An AI! Good Job!
17 Apr 13, 15:07
Evo: DAL v1.0.6 is finally here!
12 Apr 13, 13:32
musika: still here! :D
7 Apr 13, 23:58
Evo: Working on some bug fixes and stability improvements in DAL, sorry for long hiatus. Not sure if anyone still interested in DAL. :/
25 Jan 13, 17:33
Evo: I'm not so sure when I can update the game, currently I have tons of college works to do.
18 Jan 13, 16:04
musika: Is WC3 DAL still being updated? A couple of my friends actually find this game good.
24 Aug 12, 01:07
Tengzilla: Omg nvm its all right, it works for me after i changed recommended settings already, should have re-read your blog post properly jus now :P Strangely it seems that only require 1 of the 2 setup files
24 Aug 12, 00:54
Tengzilla: Had 2 seperate DALsetup.exe files but they were of the same size and I could only install 1 of them , i.e. no idea how to combine the 2 setup files together
24 Aug 12, 00:52
Tengzilla: Hmm, i get a "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or create an association in the Default programs control panel" error
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