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17 Jun 19, 10:20 AM
Shinobi: :boo: games :hi: gm y'all
17 Jun 19, 03:34 AM
Patina: volunteer for them if they do!
17 Jun 19, 03:33 AM
Patina: Wonder if the Department of Transport still sends out people with clickers to count pedestrians crossing streets when determing if a crosswalk needs to be upgraded to a traffic light. I've got a
17 Jun 19, 03:32 AM
Prof-Riddle: :nod: kiti
17 Jun 19, 03:23 AM
Prof-Riddle: I just think that advancing too much is not a good idea
17 Jun 19, 03:23 AM
Prof-Riddle: ice ... then wait for a few seconds of the actual video to run before advancing
17 Jun 19, 03:15 AM
Patina: Lurking also uses Hideout on passive.
17 Jun 19, 03:15 AM
Patina: Oki uses Hideout, but he uses it on passive, doesn't click through.
17 Jun 19, 03:13 AM
icet19: gonna watch a video and do irazoo games
17 Jun 19, 03:13 AM
icet19: kiti not sure if bunbutt uses it and i wonder if he could check
17 Jun 19, 03:12 AM
icet19: riddler its a little longer on ho but it also ends with the same girl then it goes to a black screen and the video begins
17 Jun 19, 03:10 AM
Patina: Riddle, would you let the following video play for a bit before clicking to change video stream, or click the instant the screen goes black?
17 Jun 19, 03:10 AM
Prof-Riddle: holding ... winking (typos) sorry
17 Jun 19, 03:09 AM
Prof-Riddle: ice, it is only a 15 second ad ... the last shot is a girl with a yellow shirt hokding a bag of chios and winking
17 Jun 19, 03:07 AM
icet19: kiti so the one on youtube is shorter but the one thats crediting me is longer and shows the same person at 14seconds i think 1 second after i get the black screen
17 Jun 19, 03:05 AM
Patina: Yay! Got my SB goal below 100 for today.
17 Jun 19, 03:04 AM
icet19: riddler it was this ad then the screen went black and i clicked the button
17 Jun 19, 03:03 AM
Patina: It's 3:03am here.
17 Jun 19, 03:03 AM
Patina: Going to have to concentrate on my game now. Day resets at four am and I have some daily tasks still to do for bonuses.
17 Jun 19, 03:02 AM
icet19: so the part i was talking about is near the end of that ad
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