24 Jul 15, 23:47
wen: hi
24 Jul 15, 23:47
wen: hi
15 May 13, 09:13
etc: are sapphires supposed to be blue, or black?
14 May 13, 17:00
etc: between losing faith, losing fortune and falling for a person who never loved me, only the latter has caused me chronic and perpetual pain.
12 May 13, 17:02
etc: you've given me more than i can think of, and taken away more than i will ever have. happy birthday
4 Feb 13, 14:09
etc: it's true, it was love. it's true it was hunger. it's true, it all was, until i became me.
15 Nov 12, 16:35
etc: you don't have to be beautiful, you don't have to be rich, you just have to be loved.
17 Oct 12, 10:52
etc: once, shame on me; twice, shame on you; n, shame on god.
8 Aug 12, 22:35
etc: i am not sure what to feel when my blog is a place for confessions, but i hope you find what salvation you are looking for (though i believe it is to be found elsewhere)
3 Aug 12, 16:11
pinoy: i am an engineering student (3rd yr), i just cheated my first 2years in engineering now i find it hard to cope up with the lessons
5 May 12, 19:33
etc: i can know that you live, that you breathe, that you feed. but i cannot know that you think, that you feel, that you believe.
22 Apr 12, 21:05
etc: returning a call is common courtesy. returning a favour is politeness. returning an emotion is retarded.
6 Apr 12, 21:35
etc: humans are incarnate - where one falters, he is reborn with new promise.
20 Mar 12, 16:10
etc: the theme is of love, running away, inner (and outer) beauty, and probably most importantly - the chase.
14 Mar 12, 06:03
etc: your apologies mean nothing now
12 Mar 12, 09:20
etc: the words 'and' and 'or' are so hard to type.
5 Mar 12, 09:42
etc: i used to be in love with memories nostalgia. now, all i hope for is to aspire.
4 Feb 12, 13:45
etc: just realised i misspelled saxophone...
4 Feb 12, 13:44
etc: dedicated to fermina of the waves
4 Jan 12, 20:20
etc: talking to you is ineffable. everything else is just passing the time /god
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