17 Apr 17, 10:54 PM
Sophie: For some reason I can't like your post..but I wanted to say that I love the last wallpapers you made, especially the ones of Bates Motel <3
23 Nov 16, 07:38 AM
tina: I have a new domain! Clicky my name and update the links!
17 Apr 16, 07:43 AM
Tee: Hey I'd love for you to join my MB if you get chance!
30 Mar 16, 02:59 AM
tina: Also those Xfiles pix... hnggg!
30 Mar 16, 02:59 AM
tina: Not sure if that should be taken personal or not. Kidding! :P Just wanted to say Hi anyway! hope you're good!
21 Mar 16, 04:58 AM
tina: *poke*
26 Jan 16, 11:44 AM
Ronixwrites: Hi! My site has new updates. Please do drop by and check it out now! ♥ Suggestions are welcomed! ♥ x
26 Dec 15, 02:32 AM
tina: Merry Christmas! There's a little something on my site for everyone! ^^
23 Dec 15, 10:51 AM
Marilyne: Thank you, I would love to be affies! I'll add you on my next update! :D
30 Nov 15, 07:55 PM
Sophie: Oh I didn't know you had moved to tumblr. I saw your walls on my dash but I thought you still had your website. Love the layout, it's gorgeous <3 Can I had you in my affiliates? :)
28 Nov 15, 11:11 PM
Marilyne: Hey there, lovely tumblr! :) Would you like to affiliate? Let me know ;)
22 Nov 15, 12:18 AM
tina: Everytime I come here you always have awesome work! ^^
17 Oct 15, 02:31 AM
AffectiveTips: Nice work dear
1 Oct 15, 08:00 PM
tina: Hahaha I know what you mean, for me it's been Dominion. that's renewed my Muse :D
1 Oct 15, 08:20 AM
BillQuest: ... sooo lovely http://goo.gl/6cfVL4
1 Oct 15, 03:49 AM
tina: Everytime I pop by here you have 2342364823 new walls! I love it! ^^
27 Sep 15, 02:17 PM
tina: gotham walls!! <3
12 Sep 15, 02:33 AM
tina: oooh that rumple pic!
10 Sep 15, 02:26 AM
tina: thanks love! but you have /apply at the end of my link. ^^ Adding urs tonight!
6 Sep 15, 07:21 PM
T: love your layout!
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