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22 Jul 17, 16:34
magicsteve: hey guys, does anyone have remixes of David Lynch? i'm looking for the Moby remix of Noah's Ark, the remixes of Pinky's Dream, and The Big Dream Remix EP. please? i know it's a really obscure request, but any and all help is very much appreciated. :)
22 Jul 17, 16:14
walther: @denim .....thanks for your answer
22 Jul 17, 15:46
CrazySexyCool: Hi, I'm looking for Tamia - "Single" and "No Way", two bonus tracks from different albums. Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance! :)
22 Jul 17, 14:29
djtbs1: hope that helps
22 Jul 17, 14:29
djtbs1: @anjoel- one final thing- Apple, Adobe, and others often use what's called a "stub" installer, where you download like 1meg file and then it starts downloading the other parts. Those can fail. When that happens, you need the standalone installer which is the full installer. 64-bit [link] 32-bit [link]
22 Jul 17, 14:20
djtbs1: @musicman- thanx for the Kelly Clarkson
22 Jul 17, 14:18
djtbs1: @anjoel- there also might be an "iphone helper" or something that can also be installed as part of the Apple pieces. Also- please note I am sorry if that site I linked might give popups or something. I'm on a Mac and running NoScript- so I would never see those problems...
22 Jul 17, 14:17
mister30cmit: bronski beat stars single + remixes please
22 Jul 17, 14:17
mister30cmit: bronski beat new reissue? or remixes please
22 Jul 17, 14:11
djtbs1: @anjoel- because a few versions back, Apple decided on PC to bundle them together.
22 Jul 17, 14:08
djtbs1: @anjoel- there are free programs like [link] I haven't used it, but there are quite a few. But are you saying that you are trying to download iTunes and that is what's hung up downloading? if so- make sure it's uninstalled in control panel and ALSO make sure quicktime is also uninstalled. If you have either of the two installed or parts of them- it will prevent the install from succeeding
22 Jul 17, 10:37
musicman: Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (Bermudez & Griffin Club Mix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 10:30
IVALDO: Please someone has Marina & The Diamonds remixes
22 Jul 17, 10:14
Denim: Various - Now That's What I Call Music 97 2017 - [link] - pass = denim
22 Jul 17, 09:54
Smul: thanks guys
22 Jul 17, 09:27
msf: Denim you are fast. lol
22 Jul 17, 09:27
msf: lol
22 Jul 17, 09:27
msf: @Smul Freejak & Safety First ft BB Diamond - Closer Than Close.mp3 [link]
22 Jul 17, 09:27
Denim: Freejak & Safety First ft. BB Diamond - Closer Than Close - [link]
22 Jul 17, 09:15
Smul: Does anybody have a copy of 'Freejak & Safety First Ft. BB Diamond - Closer Than Close' please? I believe it was just released this week.
22 Jul 17, 09:00
musicman: Does anyone have Seal - Crazy (Eddie Baez Club Mix) in 320 or wav?
22 Jul 17, 08:53
msf: @ This Is Huggles Enrique [link]
22 Jul 17, 08:43
musicman: Thanks msf!
22 Jul 17, 08:30
msf: @musicman Seal - Crazy (Eddie Baez Club Mix).mp3 [link]
22 Jul 17, 08:02
musicman: Does anyone please have Seal - Crazy (Eddie Baez Club Mix)? Thank you.
22 Jul 17, 07:28
Denim: Enrique Iglesias - SUBEME LA RADIO (Salsa Remix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 07:26
Denim: Linkin Park - What I've Done (Distorted Remix) - [link] - Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Numb Encore - [link]
22 Jul 17, 07:25
Denim: Linkin Park - In The End - [link] - One Step Closer - [link] - Somewhere I Belong - [link]
22 Jul 17, 07:20
This Is Huggles: thank you xxx
22 Jul 17, 07:16
Denim: Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit - [link] - Crawling - [link] - Faint - [link]
22 Jul 17, 07:14
This Is Huggles: just grabbed Pink Panda off main site sorry so scrub that one!
22 Jul 17, 07:10
This Is Huggles: and finally i need : Enrique Iglesias (Feat. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox & Gilberto Santa Rosa) - Subeme La Radio (Salsa Version) 3'56'' and Enrique Iglesias (Feat. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox) - Subeme La Radio (Pink Panda Remix) 3'25'' thank you xxx
22 Jul 17, 07:08
This Is Huggles: also looking for a full legit copy of NOW 97 with ti9mings that match iTunes listings please
22 Jul 17, 07:07
This Is Huggles: Mighty Denim can you please help me with the following LINKIN PARK tracks: In The End 3'36'' / JAY-Z & Linkin Park - Numb / Encore (Explicit) 3'25'' / What I've Done (Distorted Remix 3'47'') / Crawling 3'29'' / Breaking The Habit 3'16'' / Somewhere I Belong 3'34'' / One Step closer 2'35'' and Faint 2'42'' thank you
22 Jul 17, 07:05
jerk: @rafjack im missing UM VIP June & July
22 Jul 17, 07:03
This Is Huggles: @ Just Jason don't mind if you call me Huggles or Hugglez LOL re Shania yeah that intro does sound familiar!
22 Jul 17, 06:56
jerk: @rafjack have u DMC Pro Latino 102 for me??? Thank u
22 Jul 17, 06:06
steven: thanks Carluccio:
22 Jul 17, 05:37
Terrence: Denim
22 Jul 17, 05:37
Terrence: Thanks deni.
22 Jul 17, 05:35
kennyboy: @agment-thanks for the remixes
22 Jul 17, 05:09
Smul: Thanks denim
22 Jul 17, 04:59
Emergency: Happy Friday all. I'm looking for a 320 copy of "Magic Orgasm" (Radio/ Short Version) by House Heroes. Thank you for any help looking for it.
22 Jul 17, 04:56
Denim: Le Babar - Spend The Night (Original Mix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 04:51
agment: @kennyboy DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts (Remixes) [link]
22 Jul 17, 04:46
Terrence: Please help looking for le babar-spend the night thank you for any help
22 Jul 17, 04:45
Terrence: Please help looking for le babar-spend the night thank
22 Jul 17, 03:50
Denim: Zed Bias & Shermanology - Love Don't Love Me (Shermanology Mix) - [link] - (Zed Bias Mix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 03:47
Denim: Hifi Sean Ft. Crystal Waters - Testify (Sandy Rivera Main Mix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 03:37
kennyboy: Looking for DJ Khaled WILD THOUGHTS remixes (Dave Aude, Mike Cruz etc.)? Please and Thanks
22 Jul 17, 03:18
walter: @denim do you have some informations about lara fabian new single "growing wings" .....thanks
22 Jul 17, 02:59
Smul: Does anybody happen to have both of the remixes of 'Zed Bias & Shermanology - Love Don't Love Me' - (Zed Bias) & (Shermanology)? please
22 Jul 17, 02:15
JustJason: Huggles. Do you think Poor Me beginning is a sample of the Chainsmokers "Dont Let Me Down" ?
22 Jul 17, 02:14
JustJason: I am really digging the conversation about music, downloading and such. Its helping me out too and to everyone typing it. Keep it up and thank you.
22 Jul 17, 02:13
JustJason: Thank you Huggles. BTW when I text "Huggles" I use a z instead of a s. I came up with that word in 2002 with a my Sex and the City guy pals. I am happy to see that word has gone global lol
22 Jul 17, 02:01
Eastwood70: Hi guys! Does anyone have the Sandy Rivera Main mix of 'Testify' / Hifi Sean feat. Crystal Waters? Thanks!
22 Jul 17, 01:07
rafjack: Cafe Del Mar - Vol. 23(2017).zip: [link]
22 Jul 17, 01:05
rafjack: Atlantic Starr - Secret Lovers(The Best Of Atlantic Starr - 1986).zip: [link]
22 Jul 17, 01:03
rafjack: Mastermix - Pat Sharp Presents The Golden Years: [link]
22 Jul 17, 00:19
steven w: Many thanks D.
22 Jul 17, 00:14
Denim: Clare Conlon & Dj Queen B - Keep Looking At Me (Dj Spen, Earl Tutu, & John Khan Remix) - [link]
22 Jul 17, 00:04
Retro80: Hi! Does anyone need DMC Dance Mixes Vols 1 - 50? Some of the earlier volumes are 192kbps unfortunately but most are 320kbps.
21 Jul 17, 23:56
christian29: thank you so much for the dannii freakq x
21 Jul 17, 23:41
Smul: @Carluccio Thanks
21 Jul 17, 23:22
steven w: Also, Clare Conlon and DJ Queen B – Keep Looking At Me - DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, & John Khan Remix (8:17) Thankyou. x
21 Jul 17, 23:13
steven w: Hi fellas Looking for this new track please. City Streets 25 - DJ Spen’s Impressions In Asphalt Mix (9:36) Brutha Basil, Mark Francis. Many thanks for any help.
21 Jul 17, 23:12
Carluccio: Mash - Had To Shut You Down (Original Mix) (4mins24secs 320kbps) [link] Enjoy!
21 Jul 17, 23:08
Carluccio: Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Nobody Does It Better (2mins27secs 320kbps) [link] Enjoy!
21 Jul 17, 22:57
Carluccio: Mekon and Denney ft Roxanne Shante - Whats Going On (Original Mix) (6min46secs 320kbps) [link]
21 Jul 17, 22:50
Coffey: @Glimmet Thank You ever so much for the files, very much appreciated :-)
21 Jul 17, 20:56
freakq: Eurogroove feat. Dannii Minogue - Rescue Me (CDM 1996).rar [link]
21 Jul 17, 18:45
Smul: Does anybody please have a copy of 'Mash - Had To Shut You Down (Original)'? thanks
21 Jul 17, 18:40
steven: goood morning friends as anybody got this please Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Nobody Does It Better thanks
21 Jul 17, 17:12
This Is Huggles: Enrique Iglesias (Feat. Sean Paul & Matt Terry) - SUBEME LA RADIO (Remix) NEW Version! [link]
21 Jul 17, 15:06
anjoel: I wanted to download my recent purchased to my pc but without I-Tunes on my pc I am unable to. I wondered if there was another way of transferring music from my devices to my pc without my pc having I-Tunes on it. I have plugged my phone into my pc too but all I can grab of that is my photos.
21 Jul 17, 15:01
anjoel: @djtbs1, I used to have I-Tunes on my pc but it slowed my pc down and was nothing but a pain so I deleted it. I have tried to re-download since but my pc is unable to complete the download. I can purchase I-Tunes tracks on my I-Phone or I-Pad in I-Tunes, I can download them on those devices but can;'t transfer to my pc. I have checked my ICloud on-line but it doesn't back up music, as you always re-download your music from I-Tunes on your devices.
21 Jul 17, 13:49
djtbs1: otherwise, there are probably some utilities to grab all the data from the iphone, but then you would need a media player that likes AAC as that is what iTunes files would be in....
21 Jul 17, 13:46
djtbs1: if you have somehow set your preferences in iTunes to NOT use the store, or didn't link your same Apple ID account in both devices, that would be an issue.
21 Jul 17, 13:45
djtbs1: @anjoel- what you are describing regards the phone and computer not being in sync doesn't make sense to me. You say you are having issue downloading in iTunes but you need to be more clear. If you have the same account linked in iTunes and on the Phone, then your tracks which you downloaded on the phone should have a cloud icon with a down arrow on them (indicating they should be available for download)
21 Jul 17, 12:19
magicsteve: i'm also fairly new to uploading things. :/ but if i see a request and i have it, i will do my best to upload them.
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