16 Mar 18, 16:28
mj: Thank you.
7 Mar 18, 08:35
julie: TY very much for the fabulous templates
6 Feb 18, 03:09
Kate: Thank you for the masks!
4 Feb 18, 21:11
Isabelen: TY ladies for the new templates and WA..
2 Feb 18, 01:03
Julia: and the new masks
2 Feb 18, 01:01
Julia: thank you for the new templates
31 Jan 18, 12:10
JANET: Just simply THANKS SO MUCH :heart:
13 Jan 18, 15:03
Juanita: Thank you for sharing ladies
13 Jan 18, 10:11
Carmin: Hey Misfits!!! I am back after a rollercoaster of events and I signed up under Chaos0829 I sure hope you all will let me come back now that life has settled a bit...
9 Jan 18, 06:58
Angela: Thank you for the freebies
7 Jan 18, 18:13
Isabelen: Happy New Year, TY so much for the Xmas-Winter stuff, and the new masks, love all ladies..
14 Nov 17, 07:43
julie: Masks by Freja the link is no good
23 Sep 17, 21:49
Niekske: Thanks for sharing all the beautiful work! :heart:
29 Aug 17, 17:02
Bee Bee: thank yo for sharing your lovely kits.
23 Aug 17, 14:02
Jenna: I have been trying to register in the forum and I keep getting the email message that it's been created and then later to be deleted. Is there a way I can contact the admins directly with an email?
16 Aug 17, 17:05
Betty: Thank you so much. It was nice to get Masks after my last computer went out.
20 Jul 17, 02:09
Shoozie: Thank you so very much for sharing your awsome work
25 Jun 17, 19:12
Susyq1945: Thank you so very much for your mask
21 Jun 17, 16:19
Julia: thank you for the templates
9 Jun 17, 01:36
Araceli: Thank you so much for the awesome Summer goodies!
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