3 Apr 17, 04:08
Duskie: Thanks for the templates ♥
3 Mar 17, 16:59
Pat: I just save away on your awesome templates. Many thanks for sharing everyone. Hugs, Pat
2 Feb 17, 13:14
sylvie: i personally don't have winzip, i like rar because i can open rar and zips..I remember you posted in forum Kelly, did you manage to get one that opens both ? Newer winzips can too i think?
4 Jan 17, 19:50
SugarBritches: Is there any way there can be a zip file instead of a .rar
27 Nov 16, 22:59
ldpeb: I can't seem to comment on each kit, template or mask so will thank you and all the wonderful designers here for sharing your work. I love them all!
15 Nov 16, 23:43
KekeLi: Your scrap kits are stunning.
8 Nov 16, 15:51
Duskie: Thanks so much for the wordart ladies! ♥♥♥
3 Nov 16, 14:16
Ivy/ kitten: Just wondering if you have any rememberance day kits?
21 Oct 16, 15:37
Carole: Thank you for sharing these great kits
20 Oct 16, 06:06
Barbara: Thanks for sharing these AWESOME KITS/SCRAPS/TEMPLATES omgee they ae so beautiful :glad: !!!
12 Oct 16, 02:56
Psycojimi: Hello Misfits!
10 Oct 16, 00:30
ldpeb: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful kits.
9 Oct 16, 12:23
Gina W: Thank you all so much, for your time, your beautiful creations and for all you do ... They're amazing and so are all of you xxx :heart:
4 Oct 16, 15:52
sylvie: Thank you for stopping by everyone! So glad you like our shares ♥
4 Oct 16, 01:34
Mia: Thank you so much for the freebie templates !
27 Sep 16, 15:12
Araceli: Thanks for the awesome BCA & Halloween shares!
27 Sep 16, 02:31
Krispy: Thanks for the freebie scrapkits!
27 Sep 16, 00:38
SharonC/Shaz: Thank you for all you share with us
12 Sep 16, 00:53
ldpeb: Thank you so much for sharing. I just love your work.
6 Sep 16, 19:03
Mimi: Thank you!
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