12 Apr 10, 09:04
Tunsie: Thanks for stopping by Sally!
10 Apr 10, 19:32
sally: hello tunsie...i'm tempted to add my blog but nah...maybe when my blog's good enough..well anyway, i'm glad that i've dropped by and had a dose of art and poetry..thanks
5 Feb 10, 21:40
mark: heyy! great to see ur doin well!, check out my new paintaings, n can you please put a picture on my listing(marcello.design)
29 Jan 10, 08:52
Quirk29: Hey-keep up the good work! Check out my Art Trash.
9 Jan 10, 11:09
LadyinIndigo: Your art is wonderful-so peaceful...and the Waterfall- awesome
14 Dec 09, 08:51
LadyinIndigo: Wow! g.j. Pearson is one captivating artist-a whimisical da Vinci. I Love Him! Hope all is well~S!~
7 Dec 09, 06:46
Mystery Artist: Thanks a lot! good to be home!
6 Dec 09, 19:07
LadyinIndigo: welcome home..
2 Dec 09, 08:32
aulawi: h r u bro :)
10 Nov 09, 23:40
aulawi: h a nice day bro :)
4 Nov 09, 17:16
Trine: Nice work. I loke the feel of it. So much of it speaks to me about being on a journey. Best of luck on your next leg
2 Nov 09, 03:50
aulawi: h r u bro? hv a nice day :)
1 Nov 09, 00:31
TVA: Thank you for joining my site. Your work is remarkable and your aspirations are admirable, Hope you visit my site again soon. I know I'll be watching yours.
23 Oct 09, 09:54
numerology: fanstastic :cool:
19 Oct 09, 05:18
asman counter new: nice blog...
18 Oct 09, 12:11
uugobest: blog patrol visit you do the same too
18 Oct 09, 12:09
uugobest: blog patrol visit you do the same too
16 Oct 09, 07:55
ArtLover: your art is great. Keep it up! Have a good Day
14 Oct 09, 04:18
aterhea: Hi! Remember that the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.
2 Oct 09, 00:51
Dian Yunita: Great, all make me flowing here..
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