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12/02/15 06:20 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Walks in.*
12/02/15 05:54 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -someone's sprawled over the couch, maybe taking some kind of nap or something :l -
09/02/15 06:23 AM
Skye (human by skye): *not being talked to so just going to be quiet. Sets her glass down.*
09/02/15 06:22 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -studies the elder a moment- Vex.
09/02/15 06:21 AM
Arawn: And what are you called, hound?
09/02/15 06:19 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -huffs-
09/02/15 06:04 AM
Arawn: -That has him looking, if anything, marginally amused.-
09/02/15 06:00 AM
Skye (human by skye): *drink, trying to relax on the couch.*
09/02/15 05:59 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: They never will no matter what. -folds his arms over his chest-
09/02/15 05:58 AM
Arawn: -He grinned.- No yet. Nor will they, if I have anything to do with it.
09/02/15 05:55 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: It's a good thing the Shining Court holds no sway over me.
09/02/15 05:53 AM
Arawn: Your kind. -He gave another careless shrug.- The Shining Court has bad oppinion of 'lesser fae' having much free will. I can think of few things with more will then the hounds.
09/02/15 05:24 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Drinking her drink. Because this was a conversation she best not get into.*
09/02/15 05:19 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: My sort? Not sure how I should feel about that.
09/02/15 05:15 AM
Arawn: In time, we'll see what happens witht he Cu Sith. It would be a terrible loss if the hound sof the hunt were lost to poor breeding and weak litters. -He shrugged.- Assuming the Seelie don't turn their hand against your sort.
09/02/15 05:10 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -tracks that elder-
09/02/15 05:00 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Staying behind the bar with her drink. Regretting it now. Takes it back to where she had been sitting anyways.*
09/02/15 04:59 AM
Arawn: -He offered a careless shrug as he snaked around the couch to claim a seat.-
09/02/15 04:58 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: I would rather you didn't.
09/02/15 04:57 AM
Arawn: More's the pity. -He grinned.- I may have to turn my eye to the hounds again.
09/02/15 04:55 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Not the more recent ones.
09/02/15 04:54 AM
Arawn: Oh I don't know. The halfbreeds are clever in a vicious sort of way.
09/02/15 04:44 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Hardly. We're as intelligent as ever, if not more so. Excluding the ones that breed with humans.
09/02/15 04:43 AM
Skye (human by skye): *That explained a bit. Mixes herself another drink.*
09/02/15 04:41 AM
Arawn: I should hope so. Otherwise I fear the hounds have begun to have simpler children since the days when I led the Hunt.
09/02/15 04:40 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Did I?
09/02/15 04:40 AM
Arawn: You know what I meant, hound.
09/02/15 04:31 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: I wouldn't really call us friends.
09/02/15 04:31 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Gets up and goes back tot he bar. Needs more to drink. If she is lucky she can call a cab to go home.*
09/02/15 04:28 AM
Arawn: Don't be scared, kitten. -He took that soul stone and began carelessly bouncing it in the palm of his hand as if it were just any other rock.- It's just a care package from home. -His attention swung back towards Vex.- And who's your little friend from the Hunt?
09/02/15 04:21 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -eyes the pair closely-
09/02/15 04:21 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -without even questioning it, she held out that stone for the elder fey after poking at that wrapped package in her lap-
09/02/15 04:17 AM
Arawn: -He grinned at the gathered 'kids', gently lobbing a small package wrapped in brown paper into Zora's lap.- I'll take the trinket, Aurora.
09/02/15 04:16 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Actually surprised when Arawn is just there. Still blushing bright.* I realize and understand that, it just a silly thought pattern that I meant to be inside voice not vocalized.
09/02/15 04:16 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -looks over towards that voice and eyes the man that appeared-
09/02/15 04:14 AM
Arawn: Vacuume, no air, no gravity, their insides would boil and explode outwards... But the Houd has it right about them needing blood. -He hadn't even walked inside. There was no flash of light of anything else to anounce his arrival. He was just suddenly there.-
09/02/15 04:11 AM
Skye (human by skye): It was a random thought pattern, and after thinking about the fact they would be exposed to the sun, I realized yeah they couldn't survive without blood.
09/02/15 04:10 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Did you forget that they need blood to even do anything? Otherwise they waste away.
09/02/15 04:09 AM
Skye (human by skye): I was thinking, space, no air, vampires could they move freely through space without oxygen. But the sun yeah probably not *sinks into her seat, a bright red.*
09/02/15 04:08 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -yeah, that may have left her gaping a little bit as well.-
09/02/15 04:08 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Blush growing. Kinda wants to hide now.*
09/02/15 04:08 AM
Skye (human by skye): And I realize how stupid that question is because of the sun.
09/02/15 04:08 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -stares at Skye-
09/02/15 04:08 AM
Skye (human by skye): If vampires dont need to breath could they survive in space. *random musing, that she accidentally spoke* sorry that was supposed to be inside voice.
09/02/15 04:07 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -have some creative old Norse cursing-
09/02/15 04:06 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Sounds like a wonderful plan. Let's do that. -dry-
09/02/15 04:05 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: I know last season trends when I see them. –hums- They will be, pumpkin. They’ll be everyone’s problem one way or another. Unless you’re planning on flying into space and hunting on the moon.
09/02/15 04:02 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Drinks the rest of her drink. Pretty sure for the best of the world(s) they be balanced. Then again she remembers a tree. Shudders.*
09/02/15 04:02 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: I'm surprised you even know what that is. -shrugs and shakes his head- They aren't my problem to deal with.
09/02/15 04:01 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -rakes a look over him- And should the Seelie manage to take over everything, I’m positive that this... –makes a motion to his state of attire- Hot Topic dress code will go right out of the window.
09/02/15 04:00 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -shakes his head a little- Whatever you say.
09/02/15 03:59 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: Because I happen to live in a world that’s not ruled by jumped up assholes? I also don’t want to worry about super charged dragons roaming around :l We’re not in the Dark Ages anymore.
09/02/15 03:58 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Possibly hers then. Then again she was marked by the Winter and night court not the sun and summer court. At least that she was told. Rubs her temples.*
09/02/15 03:57 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -snorts- I don't know why you're concerned with any of them.
09/02/15 03:50 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: I know that it belonged to a female human at one point. –side eyes Fido- Because they’re planning on using dragons to win control of everything :D and I like pissing off the Golden kids.
09/02/15 03:50 AM
Skye (human by skye): *sinks in her seat a bit embarrassed.*
09/02/15 03:49 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -shakes his head- I was asking why she was was making sure it was safe.
09/02/15 03:47 AM
Skye (human by skye): *threw a shiney
09/02/15 03:45 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Notices the arch brows.* Someone through a shiny at me, caught it out of habit. *Regrets, regrets, but she has a lot of things fucked up.*
09/02/15 03:44 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: Why? -arches a brow before looking towards Skye-
09/02/15 03:43 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Blinks, that was actually good. Hates the fact that good deeds surprise her. Actually feels really bad.* Do you know if that ones mine? *Pretty sure she doesn't actually want to know, but feels she needs to*
09/02/15 03:41 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: Making sure that the Seelie don’t feed the rest of it to their dragons. –why put it in a pocket when a cleavage works just as well?-
09/02/15 03:41 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Nothing good probably. *
09/02/15 03:36 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: What are you doing with that thing anyway? -because someone had to fucking talk :l -
09/02/15 03:36 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -oh ho, it was turning blue-
09/02/15 03:34 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Noticed the color change, that worries her. Takes a calming breath before going back to munching her cookies. Sugar, chocolate, carbs.*
09/02/15 03:32 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -eyes it-
09/02/15 03:28 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -fuss fuss oooo, the colour is changing again!-
09/02/15 03:28 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Drinking her drink. Missing the earlier calm.*
09/02/15 03:27 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -oils back in and claims a seat away from that feline and drops down with a huff-
09/02/15 03:18 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -she would have made him eat the pieces if he had :D again, too much time around certain people had coloured her mentality towards certain things.-
09/02/15 03:16 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -thinks he should have thrown it at her head instead <.< gets to making a drink-
09/02/15 03:15 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Kinda gets the feeling thats her stone. Trying to look at it, to figure if she is right.*
09/02/15 03:15 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -don't mind her, she's just more interested in the soul stone now!-
09/02/15 03:13 AM
Skye (human by skye): *digs a ziplock of cookies from her bag. Munching on one.*
09/02/15 03:08 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: -he didn't smile back and instead, dropped that stone back in her lap and pushed himself up to get a drink-
09/02/15 03:05 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: -that was more a neutral little smile than anything positive. cats and dogs, man. cats and dogs.-
09/02/15 03:01 AM
Skye (human by skye): *Tops off her drink, before moving back to her couch. Not relaxed but at least doesn't feel like fleeing.*
09/02/15 03:01 AM
Vex [ooo by Sammi]: You didn't have to.
09/02/15 03:00 AM
Aurora [ohsnap]: I never said you directly, did I? –quirks a finely shaped eyebrow at that pet name. she saw what he did there!-
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