12 Dec 17, 09:38
buttwhy?: c'mon now, you know you're gonna miss me;-)
12 Dec 17, 01:10
D: nah. short for dee dee see ya later loser
12 Dec 17, 01:00
buttwhy?: just a quick question before i go. is the D short for Dee Dee Dee you f u c k i n g RETARD? hahaha
12 Dec 17, 00:47
D: dont let the door hit ya on the way out
12 Dec 17, 00:29
buttwhy?: such hostility. lol
12 Dec 17, 00:07
D: go "be a huge fan" somewhere else you POS
12 Dec 17, 00:06
D: 100% correct. Otherwise youd stop coming here cause no one wants you and you missing chromosomes around here
11 Dec 17, 23:10
buttwhy?: @foreign dialect no not at all
11 Dec 17, 23:09
buttwhy?: @D you couldn't be more wrong
11 Dec 17, 13:40
fredrick: this site is dope
11 Dec 17, 05:34
Matthew Poland: Wow....I listened to you as I had 15 . Now im 21. I keep comingback to this album !! Greetings from Poland!
11 Dec 17, 04:21
mike: new dead rabbits: https://cliffclavin.bandcamp.com/album/cliff-clavin-x-elz-sinatra-the-antithesis
10 Dec 17, 16:30
azayzil: king crooked albm dl link https://omerta.is/1UGd
10 Dec 17, 15:53
azayzil: https://omerta.is/1UG8 Horseshoe gang albm dl link
10 Dec 17, 14:24
foreigh dialect: and yes new i.n.f is a banger that demands max volume
10 Dec 17, 14:23
foreigh dialect: damn wtf buttwhy you mad because the new i.n.f is not for free?,its a goodthing underground mc,s need money to keep making music
9 Dec 17, 00:55
markus: please reupload http://dezflight-underground.com/albums-in-english/conspiracy-theorists-conspiracy-theories-2012.html
9 Dec 17, 00:54
D: you dont got ****. youre a bum with no friends who comes here for attention
8 Dec 17, 22:39
buttwhy?: anyways i'll keep enjoying listening to inf's new album while you wait for a leak. have fun playing in your mom's basement
8 Dec 17, 22:38
buttwhy?: @D you seem to have a lack of basic comprehension. not only did i validate my points but yours as well and you still didn't get it and told me i know nothing. lol
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