22 Apr 18, 02:08
OR RECORDS: NEW World War 3 visuals!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fCrkugBLUE&feature=share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry06AJBh1pc
22 Apr 18, 02:08
OR RECORDS: NEW UK hiphop World War 3 LP is out now!! iTunes : http://hyperurl.co/iWW3 Spotify : http://hyperurl.co/SPWW3 Bandcamp : http://hyperurl.co/BCWW3
21 Apr 18, 03:14
GeorgiaSteel89: Found the link to Blu mixtape http://depositfiles.com/files/8rgj6mux3
18 Apr 18, 10:26
GeorgiaSteel89: Agreed
18 Apr 18, 06:59
stan: mani is ok. not the best from him but not the worst. through the years he's staying the same. respect
17 Apr 18, 18:23
just another looser: Unfortunately, Cassette Sunday 2 from Mani Deiz is a major dissapointment, absolutely no beat worth downloading the album. Good news are the new JMT in june, if that mofo Stoupe dont disappoint again!
17 Apr 18, 03:14
GeorgiaSteel89: This is 💰💰💰💰 https://soundcloud.com/sageinfinite/moses-maloneprod-by-mwp
15 Apr 18, 12:11
GeorgiaSteel89: Does anyone have a link to Blu and Shafiq Husayn - Blueprint Mixtape?
15 Apr 18, 06:29
Darko: I manage Lhus, i know dates and releases, Lhus incoming dosent mean **** to me...especially when its a week old.
15 Apr 18, 06:28
Darko: That video was a week and a half old when u said incoming.... ur a bit slow, retardation maybe ?
14 Apr 18, 21:51
@Darko: no **** Sherlock! but new Lhus none the less with more to come
14 Apr 18, 06:34
Darko: Its called a Single, the solo album isnt out yet.
13 Apr 18, 20:54
@Darko: oh yeah, then what's this? https://youtu.be/yBkRMoG2Ibg
13 Apr 18, 08:22
Noble Scity Music: NEW VIDEO! Kabe Prod Presents..."Slow Flow/Just Have To Do" featuring The CastOffz (Barbaric, Jae-Nice, Alvarez Masterminded) & Zagnif Nori https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy4oof1K62M
12 Apr 18, 02:51
Darko: Aint no Lhus incoming, it hasen't even been finalized
11 Apr 18, 20:18
H2LO: New Lhus incoming! Prepare ya necks!
11 Apr 18, 07:18
Darko: I know Reznik, and he is far from trash... your just trash talking.
11 Apr 18, 07:15
Darko: So your calling Wu-tang trash ? Reznik heads Sodoma and he has more hits than the pop. of the Czech Republic where he is from! Man what planet u from ?
10 Apr 18, 22:12
DCSanford: Anyway to get any Mastamind up here?
10 Apr 18, 12:35
mad: i've nothing against horror in general. me personally like many groups like gravediggaz, flatlinerz, psych ward, but sodoma is real trash
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