19 Oct 15, 05:07
Buy A4 A3: And SRA3 Sheets Of Sticky Labels and AA Labels
22 May 14, 17:24
Danny: Could I get an enlarged template of just the shirt please?
24 Feb 14, 01:09
chill_ac: what is the font "Club sport Emelec" warrior. Thanks
27 Dec 13, 17:07
brasil: brasil
19 Jun 13, 20:23
OKT: I think this last template is the best.
16 Jun 13, 20:48
bpj: could you make las palmas??
16 Jun 13, 18:35
jose david: great cska kits,could you possibly make cremonesse the italia ok
15 Jun 13, 16:43
sergio: Hi, I like your designs would please you design the shirt of ferrocarril oeste argentina ok
15 Jun 13, 16:39
david: por favor la del albinoleffe de italia
13 Jun 13, 19:01
Clem0842: I added a link to your blog on mine. Can you do the same? Thank you. http://oko-kitdesign.blogspot.fr/
11 Jun 13, 00:35
Brasil Mockups: Participem do 1° Campeonato do Brasil Mockups http://brasilmockups.blogspot.com.br/2013/06/1-campeonato-do-brasil-mockups_10.html
4 Jun 13, 14:07
erwin: hi, i like your designs. can you please make one for the Philippines national team? thanks.
1 Jun 13, 11:48
curswine: Sure I can, it might take a while to get to it as I'm getting less and less time to make anything ATM.
31 May 13, 22:46
bpj: great cska kits,could you possibly make fsv frankfurt?
29 May 13, 20:56
Jamil: Hi, I like your designs would please you design the shirt of C. D. San Jose de Oruro
28 May 13, 05:44
Tiyo: wonderful collections of yours!
20 May 13, 17:58
Victormrey: Love the Bradford kit!
20 May 13, 17:24
curswine: I use photoshop for everything you see here, I've been at it in some way or another for about ten years now.
19 May 13, 22:01
Brad: What do you use to design the kits mate?
19 May 13, 19:55
curswine: No, nothing is for sale here, this is just a hobby for me. :)
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