28 Nov 18, 16:27
tmechanic: Still following
13 Apr 18, 20:51
dracone: It's been a few years since the chapter wrapped up, I hope the comic returns really soon
3 Dec 16, 01:59
tmechanic: Still waiting
7 Sep 16, 03:13
ss: Let it be known that there are those that still check here for updates.
11 Dec 15, 01:43
Mij: Miss this comic, it was fun but I hope you guys are well, that's far more important than a comic
5 Dec 14, 15:29
eekee: Rather a shame, that. :)
20 Nov 14, 06:55
ss: He seems more the type to enjoy classical music.
17 Nov 14, 07:21
eekee: Speaking as a new reader, I wonder how Arthur would take to electroswing. It's like UHN UHN UHN UHN with oboes. And other things. And it's so often so corrupt~
31 Mar 14, 19:15
tmechanic: I'll keep waiting.
25 Mar 14, 22:12
ss: I'm sorry to hear it, but I'll probably still check the site every few months or so.
22 Mar 14, 20:53
Evil Novalord: Though we may decide otherwise one day, you should consider this comic on permanent hiatus. I'm truly sorry, and I wanna thank those who stuck with us and made this comic so great to do. We love you!
22 Mar 14, 20:51
Evil Novalord: the long wait. It seems that we're both going through some major transitions right now, and I personally just can't keep up with the comic.
22 Mar 14, 20:50
Evil Novalord: Hey, guys. Sorry for he
4 Mar 14, 09:39
tmechanic: I'm about to get whiney :-p
20 Jan 14, 01:59
Mij: Hope it does come back one day, reminded me of my private school education so much....
22 Oct 13, 09:28
Evil Novalord: I wouldn't say it's dead! And don't worry, I'm fine. Going through some stuff IRL now and really need the break, but I really do hope to come back soon! I'll let you guys know when I do. ^^
20 Oct 13, 23:24
eoraptor: Guessing the comic is well and truly dead :( hope the novalord is okay
1 Sep 13, 12:59
eoraptor: checks in on the start of a new month to see how things are progressing
13 Aug 13, 18:39
ss: I do check back here every now and then...
10 Aug 13, 13:46
Evil Novalord: Just check back here then! Or you can track the RSS feed. :)
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