22 May 13, 23:38
Product Testing: heyy, nice blog! wanna trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
12 Oct 10, 22:38
Jacqleong: Beautiful MiTao - Aunite Jacq misses you.... you know, you are my favourite gal...
12 Oct 10, 22:38
Jacqleong: though this blog has been updated for a while... I love to log in here constantly to see my favourite gal - MiTao.... each time i viw her photos - my tears just will fill my tears....
30 Aug 10, 14:32
jacqleong: some long no updates but so much so much have changed... I will remember my favourite gal, MiTao forever, shes just too sweet to be forgotten...
5 Apr 10, 02:09
eLaiNe: LOL..yea...wake up liao..blog become rusty liao
1 Apr 10, 13:08
jacqleong: KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK ... Harlows... Slave of MM, MT and MUN, your blog LONGGGGGGG time no update le wor...
25 Feb 10, 18:17
jacqleong: wah - from mommy downgrade to Slave... wahahahaha
24 Feb 10, 11:20
eLaiNe: have...all pics inside yr facebook..i saw mm oso..
20 Feb 10, 23:57
jacqlrong: yup... Mun finally found a permanent place to stay... thanks to mummy Blue
18 Feb 10, 21:35
eLaiNe: so sweet when i read what u say to mun..jia you!!!
17 Feb 10, 13:00
jacqleong: MT gal is getting prettier le wor.. can also do "model post" on the TV console area
15 Feb 10, 16:35
jacqlrong: Wah... finally see new postings in year of the Tiger
14 Jan 10, 14:38
jacqleong: wah wah... your "one year" no post le leh.... quick quick :P
1 Jan 10, 23:03
Jacqleong: Wei wei.... your last posting 23/11/09 leh.... emmm.... beri long ago le wor...
12 Dec 09, 01:15
auntie Jacq: Mei Mei and MiTao - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!Muack Muack!
8 Dec 09, 01:00
rach: your guineapgs look so well maintained! congrats to mt for her wt loss. jiayou.. my pebble is on diet too.
26 Nov 09, 13:38
eLaiNe: MT..jia you...
27 Oct 09, 18:59
eLaiNe: why 2blogs oso no update 1..same as jacq lor..kns kns kns..wahahahahahah\
11 Oct 09, 15:03
Jappy: hihi - do link us k
24 Sep 09, 18:20
Jacqleong: aiyo ... not fair... why no MT ah?
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