1 Oct 09, 04:17
christina: Hey Patty, how's the situation over there? Hope you're dong okay.
21 Sep 09, 16:35
Patty: jehz! Hi! lol. Help me naman. Are the books on HTML or CSS for dummies? I need to fix my blog design. Its soo..*snore*
20 Sep 09, 19:54
jehzlau: hello elaine patricia dayrit! hehehe.. i mean.. patty.. :D hehehe
4 Sep 09, 10:07
sist: visit & $mile
26 Aug 09, 18:40
Carlos: alright alright! MASSIVE!!!! :cool:
26 Aug 09, 09:39
Patty: Carlos>> not, it ain't got nothing to do with Flock. Since we expanded the body, I was able to put lthe 640x480 size pics. :)
26 Aug 09, 07:18
Carlos: How'd you get the pictures to fit?! Is this because of the Flock browser?
23 Aug 09, 13:59
Patty: Chris, haha, that's the question ain't it. what do you think? haha!
23 Aug 09, 01:01
christina: yay for patriciaspot! is it "patricia spot" or "patricia's pot"? haha
21 Aug 09, 11:15
Patty: thanks Christina. haha. Step by step. I'm at newbie blogger level one. lol
13 Aug 09, 01:55
christina: hi patty! hope you're getting the inspiration you need for your new blog site!