greg: go gators!!!!
greg: hello, I must be going"....g marx
greg: off the air already...:(( tomorrow is another day! Good Luck to fellow hoosier...Lukas Greif!"and free"...the ritz must be trying to keep up with RT and champagne.....Prost!
greg: warm greetings from the ritz in orlando!...just got off the road...boy am I thirsty....and they are handing out champagne....perfect:)...cheers!
msfan: KT. Sound is excellent. SeΓ±or Belmar Osuna. Always good to see you posting on this site.
Ken: hos the sound'
Hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze greetings from naples fl... Via the cafe evergreen near venice fl... On our way to the usta lake nona venue....kt.... Want me to pick u up a towel and a hat:). Go Gators! Beat the badgers!!
Ken: hey there
phobictennis: anyone there ?
Rafael Belmar Osuna: Guadalajara is home. And yes, Mexico needs will keep trying to get you to come down.
Rafael Belmar Osuna: Always fun to listen to Radio expert commentary. Mexico likes and appreciates
phobictennis: anyone there ?
phobictennis: its related to tennis
phobictennis: can someone please help me with a phobia i have
kat: i will really appreciate to that
kat: do somebody know the brand that offer those shorts? Because most brand offer it for running, not for tennis
kat: but more like a regilar underwear
kat: but not like a compession shorts
kat: That has a build in linen inside
kat: I need to find a men`s tennis shorts for my boss
kat: I really need your help
kat: hello guys
Dave: I usually play great but today I was awful because of my nerves? How do I control them
Lucy: Hola Kenito! Are you still in site? Oscar and I are in Stadium 1
Ken: Thanks Everyone
greg: great two weeks kt...great shows...see you later.."hello, i must be going to church..." g ,are...go badgers! Go Gators!!see ya...
greg: they are tough" there
greg: beep...beep
greg: KT...IU needs a new coach...any advice...Bo Ryan??
greg: match of the day...on the mens side...2 swiss gents going at it...on the womens side...2 russians hack at it:)
greg: do they have the T-2oo0 wilson?
greg: and we are Edgy! 2
greg: kt...stayed out celebrating badgers big win:)
greg: ON WiSconsin
greg: ""Insightful...passioante, entertaining, free...and late:) 7 am PST=10:30 penalty and loss of serve to mr thomas...warm gulfbreeze greetings from naples fl! Congrats to WISCONSIN!! beating last yrs ncaa champ, villinova....
Tennis Iggy: Ken, you have got to be the funniest person and greatest tennis broadcaster I have ever heard!!! Thanks for jump starting my Saturday!!! πŸ‘πŸŽΎπŸ˜˜
greg: goodnight, bernie!
Ken: Thanks everyone
greg: great broadcast kt.."hello, I must be cycling.." g marx...say goodnight johnny..goodnight,johnny...say goodnight, dick...goodnight, dick...goodnight, gracie....this is the ole left hander..rounding third and heading for long everyone...see ya....later gator..later badger..On Wisconsin! Go Sparty! Go Blue! Go Gators! Boiler Up!
Tennis Iggy: What a great show!! I swear KT tops himself every day...he raises the bar each day and jumps over it!! We all know how much KT loves women's doubles...I'm guessing that will be his match de jour!! πŸ˜„πŸŽΎ
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