Scorpia: hi
Francis: Also Joel, yes it is a considerably heavier racquet! One of my friends has one, and his biggest complain is actually the weight. He says it takes a lot more effort to swing the racquet, but it has a very smooth feeling stroke. Serving with it puts stress on his wrist as well, more so than other lighter racquets.
Francis: My biggest concern is that because in the past, I put a lot of work into learning how to hit open-stanced, now whenever I go to hit a forehand, especially if my opponent hits it deep, i tend to go right into open stance, and find it nearly impossible to force myself to step in a drive it
Francis: Hello! I am a varsity high school tennis player going into my senior year as first singles, and I'm nervous about a few things. May I ask for advice?
Joel: Does anyone know if the RF 97 Autograph is head heavy? Cheers
Lazar: Anyone knows when WTA heaven to Be continued ?
Lazar: Anyone know when WTA new heaven to Be continued?
AlexSmith👠👠: when is RT streaming the USO
Ken: Thanks everyone
hornedfrog2: Enjoyed your coberage of the University Championships KT... nice call. Safe travels.... see you on the waves.... cheers! Hello, I must be cycling... g marx
hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze greetings from the Fish in Naples... chilled ryhdrating beverage..cheers!
msfan: From me and mine, you are welcome, KT
Tennis Iggy 🎾❤️: Great call Ken!!
Tennis Iggy 🎾❤️: This is some funky tennis!! I think they should play the Exorcist music again or maybe “Play that Funky Music”🎼🎸
Tennis Iggy: You are still sounding great Ken and the background noise is gone!!
ken: test
ken: Thanks msfan thats what I need honest feed back on the sound thank you
msfan: KT voice much better
Lynn: Thanks for the player names, Ken!
msfan: KT's voice too soft on this end
Lynn: I meant who were the actual players? The TC website doesn't have any of the players listed.
Lynn: Just joined back in. Can you give an update of who has won so far, with scores, also are the 3/4 matches ongoing too or do they play after the 1/2 finishes? Thanks.
ken: Verry strange broadcast...things are happening behind the scenes that I have never seen before
Tennis Iggy: Yes, but the crowd is really annoying!!!
ken: Can you hear my voice
Tennis Iggy: I know tennis is a cooler sport than golf, but at least golf crowds are quiet!!!
Tennis Iggy: Are the players heads spinning around??!!
Tennis Iggy: Thanks Ken!! I was longing to hear the song from the Exorcist!!
ken: test
greg: the music is annoying
greg: go sit in the bob uecker seats
greg: hear you but the crowd sound is all over you
ken: Can u hear me clearly?
greg: too many labatts blues
Tennis Iggy: I agree with Greg. The crowd is drowning you out a bit. Can you tell them to please keep the discussion down
ken: Any sound recommendatios
greg: tell that big 12 crowd to hold it down so we can hear you:)
greg: sounnds like you are in the locker room
greg: the crowd seems to be right on top of you....
greg: and in ok.....$25,000 Stillwater, OK (CANCELLED)
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