Juicy Magnum Dong: The gays deserve to die
Tennis Iggy :-): Glad you've got a short day Ken. Go out and enjoy yourself. If we check out the video stream, will we be able to see you?
Tennis Iggy :-): Hello All, I am listening to the greatest tennis show on earth from downtown Detroit....rather gloomy here, bu tnot raining. But I am sure listening to Ken will make the sun come out!!
Dave R: Or, I like the Snickers word "hangry" - a combination of hungry and angry :)
Dave R: And not a bunch of pampered millionaires.
Dave R: I agree on USTA Pro Circuit being great. Same thing with minor league baseball. Watching hungry players compete
eric: hey ken, see you in about 5 weeks in macon!!
Dave R: Hi Ken from rainy Port Huron MI
Grant: Anyone help me with a question
Grant: Anyone help me with what i shouls buy for my next racquet
Ken: test
AlexSmith👠👠: sound is good. the voice is like molten honey
Ken: hows the sound
Tennis Iggy🎾😊: Yeah!! The only good thing about a Monday is hearing KT on RT!! Sounding good Ken!! Glad you made it to Albequerque safely!!
AlexSmith👠👠: Did you hear the story of serb player Bojana Jovanovski who one year flew to the WTA tournament in Carlsbad....but due to some screw up she ended up in Carlsbad, New Mexico and was wondering why the airport was so small and there was no limo service
AlexSmith👠👠: hows the weather in new mexico, is it uhhhh dry
AlexSmith👠👠: CNN is reporting that the Texans are thinking of switching QBs
AlexSmith👠👠: i heard its a nice drive, just dont stop after dark
greg: hope you are flying to New mexico...long drive:)
greg: see you at nicks
Ken: Thanks everyone
greg: i think im in my 3rd or 4th yr...must be something there
greg: I'm still deating if I like the program:)
greg: safe travels
greg: you are busting ass to get there
greg: and remember...Larkmead
greg: while in naples...stop by for a beverage:)
greg: see you later gator...later badger
greg: boo baylor...go cal bears...go frogs
greg: go aggies
greg: see you...in september...and new mexico......safe travels to all
greg: "this is the ole left hander...rounding third and heading for home...so long everyone
greg: goodnight, gracie
greg: say goodnight, johnny...goodnight, johnny
greg: starting to decend
greg: "Hello, I must be going.." g marx
greg: it's been a great call KT! enjoyed the concept of the tournament....love napa!....safe travels
greg: play on...ernie banks
greg: SOooooooooooners
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