blo: jjij
blo: yeah
davebibosse: muhahaha ich muss weiter suchen
Greisensau: und sehr viele leute hier
davebibosse: mutus die aufmachung des chats ist scheisse hier
Greisensau: ramonnnnnnnnnnn
davebibosse: mutusssssssssss
Greisensau: hello
Greisensau: hello
davebibosse: hi everyone
I am black and proud: Stuff that racist persons comments
Tennis Iggy 🎾❤️: Is Ken off the air?
msfan: The Tufts University athletic teams are known as the "Jumbos." Named after the famous giant elephant, who went extinct when hit by a train. At one point, Tufts had some body remains of the original Jumbo. May still have some.
msfan: I believe I need to engage in further research on pandas.
Tennis Iggy :-): Ken, I think you have GREAT touch and feel!!!
Matthew Ormandy: It's Kristina sanjevic not erin
Matty: Montreal framing backhands just like me
Ken: I am a professor at U of A and i can vouch for what sebastian said being true
Jim: they hibernate like bears do
uaenrag pros: Pandas have good culture
Sebastian: Pandas Fan is lying, pandas are not the provincial animal. They were hunted to extinction in Alberta
Tennis Iggy🎾❤️: I've got two elephants in my backyard! 🐘🐘
Gniewko: Sanjevic is Serbian! She is actually a distant cousin of Novak Djokovic
Jim: Yes we have pandas in Alberta! As a matter of fact I have a panda family in my backyard right now...2 young ones and the parents
Azor: What country is Sanjevic from
Jeff: The panda is the provincial animal of Alberta
Pandas Fan: The only red pandas in edmonton are the Proletariat
Karina: GO KRISTINA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -xoxo Karina
Tobiasz: Please give a shoutout to Erika and Tobiasz cheering on Kristina from Edmonton! Lets go pandas
🎾 Marcus Tennis: Gotta go check out from my room and get to my own gig. Thanks for being back on the air, Ken! Great listening in!
greg: john patrick smith, university of tennessee...defeated christian harrison today...6-3 in the the final round of quallies in cincinnati
greg: it's wolf vs kypson
greg: Kzoo championship stream....
greg: goodnight, gracie
greg: and remember folks...with alittle too can be a world junior accordion champion like c rossi
greg: nice call today
greg: later badger...later gator
greg: Go Colts!
greg: as all the canadians say...'Ale Up!..."
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