greg: I feel like i am on recreational additives:)😎
greg: Sloooioooooow down
greg: The sound is like hi speed on the cassette recorder:)
greg: Bipe the usta put u up in the Fairmount:)
greg: Kt... i get the live stream from my Iphone.... but the audio is a high tech rambling... sounds like a mixer on high😎🍺
greg: Warm Gulfbreeze greetings from Naples Florida!!
D will: I need a new racket , was thinking head ti s6 ,,,, anyone ?????
greg: How is Berkley treating you?
greg: Warm gulfbreeze greetings from the Turtle Club in Naples!
Ken: Hey there Greg !
greg: this just in.... a man in the naples area...drops dead from eating a raw oyster.....whole food /plant based...i can't stress that enough
greg: berkley to ashland ky.....hope you are not driving:)
greg: there should always be smiles..and "Love" in tennis dbls
greg: and we are all fans of stevenson
greg: frank shorter has nothing on u KT:)
greg: 5th???? what a marathon man
greg: off balance
greg: maybe it was kenin's inner ear"_:)
greg: oh well...".probably so..." clint eastwood
greg: best in womens tennis??
greg: really
greg: ha
greg: blueberries and cream will be served in Kzoo starting aug 3rd
greg: jason robards and I would like to ask..." Lawrence anyone there?..." :)
greg: and don't fort the Nats at Kzoo will start Aug 3! KT's favorite jr tournament
greg: emina spent time at john newcombes ranch in tx
greg: or at the north central courts:)
greg: emina once worked in a watch shop in swisserland...she knows how to "thro off the timing..." of players:)
greg: or as we might say on radio"Kevin she do it?...":)
greg: emina...all american from university of of KT's favs:)
greg: Berkley? give my best to tom hayden and jane fonda
greg: windup
greg: KT...what do you think about emina's serving win
greg: "winchester're bringing me down...."
greg: oh....last ? ur making me cry:((
greg: very Fiesty.."
greg: good dbls player...good volleys
greg: they are only good drop shots...when they go in:)
greg: a barb wynne product....on those KT's favorite courts...the 149 cts at north central high school...home of the midwest closed:)
greg: its that washington township tennis program mentality :)
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