sasdfsadf: federer is too good
sasdfsadf: federer op
sasdfsadf: federer op
wassup: who s play os it now
wassup: is it tennis time yeu
DEE NOALD TRAMPF: జ్ఞా have fun bois
DEE NOALD TRAMPF: What's up nggas
vilmoure: @roadtennis246
vilmoure: hi
hornedfrog2: Rip and read...copy and paste.... all for educational purposes😎🍺
hornedfrog2: After a bitterly cold first night of competition, a shallow 4.6-magnitude earthquake jolted the eastern portion of South Korea overnight, prompting warnings on mobile phones.
hornedfrog2: Back YahooNEWS Earthquake, wind and fire: extreme conditions hit Olympics Peter STEBBINGS Peter STEBBINGS AFPFebruary 11, 2018 Spectators have been urged to wrap up warm with temperatures set to plunge on Monday. (AFP Photo/Christof STACHE ) Life has been tough for competitors in the cold, windy conditions -- and also for spectators. (AFP Photo/Christof STACHE ) 1 / 2 Spectators have been urged to wrap up warm with temperatures set to plunge on Monday Spectators have been urged to wrap up warm with temperatures set to plunge on Monday. (AFP Photo/Christof STACHE ) More Pyeongchang (South Korea) (AFP) - An earthquake triggered an alert and high winds disrupted competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Sunday, as officials warned of a severe freeze and urged fans to wrap up warm.
hornedfrog2: Earthquake, wind and fire: extreme conditions hit Olympics... anyone watching the Winter Olympics? USA got a gold from a 17 yr phenom and a silver in the luge! Go USA!
hornedfrog2: .... Frogs vs Mustangs at 5:30 pm EST....GO FROGS!!😎🌴🌅🍺🐸🎾
hornedfrog2: A d on the Bball side of the net... Michigan up 20 on KT’s Badgers... 9 minutes left...
hornedfrog2: KT... having trouble connecting the broad ast from indian wells? Seems like there are always issues... oh, well... nothing that A Cold Paddlepuss ale and a lime can’t solve... Prost!!😎🍺🌴🌴🚴‍♂️
hornedfrog2: Warm gulfbreeze 86 degrees greetings from the Dock in Naples! Feb 11 in Naples and Indian Wells.... where’s Waldo”... KT?? TCU plays at SMU today ! Go Frogs!!
frano: hi
R: c
R: c
R: Hello
Tommy: Wondering if tennis players prefer tennis balls that bounce higher than (ONLY MORE THAN AND NO LESS THAN) 2 ft. 10 in. ormit doesnt matter? Edit I needed this for a science experiment because I want to find changes to the height of the INITIAL bounce of a tennis ball and I changed them myself with temperature changes but I dont know how to answer the question of "which temperature/height is best for gameplay" since I dont play tennis. Thanks
AlexSmith👠👠: Right about now, Pegula cant "buy" a service return
AlexSmith👠👠: Pegula is makin it rain with bills
AlexSmith👠👠: Radiotennis is about educating and informing as well as being the most entertaining Usta pro circuit coverage on sports radio
AlexSmith👠👠: Get your service return in........ or you cant break
AlexSmith👠👠: Greetings from Resolute, and its another wonderful sunny day. Good luck to Pegula and her bills
AlexSmith👠👠: Pegula should get herself a big money coach......and gurl get yourself a wardrobe, your clothes always look so low rent
AlexSmith👠👠: Best racquet smash of the tournament. Radiotennis is pumped
AlexSmith👠👠: The point of the tournament to win the second set. Christian and Santamaria is the most religious couple ever
AlexSmith👠👠: "everyone is tight, right here"
AlexSmith👠👠: "this is a game of inches"
AlexSmith👠👠: "it was soo was so big"
AlexSmith👠👠: "its tight and its powerful"..........thats really all you want from a usta pro circuit game
greg: 77 degrees at noon in naples..."Hello...I must be cycling..." Cheers! Ride on
greg: TCU Cam Norrie picks up a victory for the Brits vs Spain in Davis Cup! Go Frogs!!
AlexSmith👠👠: and the trash is in the bin
greg: querrey gets USA on the board...1-0
AlexSmith👠👠: 4-2
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