Vish: Haha
Vish: Haha
tita: hello if y ou know about tennis in usa, talk to me whatsapp +51 981320374...... i want to make a camp tennis and wnglish course toguetherm, because, the boys who plays tennis, use 3 or 4 hours and dont have time to learn english, i need make a cmp tennis anmd englis in usa
Mike: hello where are you?
Mike: Hello
Tita: Nobody here
Tita: I am interenting in tennis
Tita: Hello
Tita: Hello
Cole: D
Cole: R
Cole: D
Mackenzie: Hello
Mackenzie: Hello
msfan: thanks for the info. If I can't make the French Open reunion, mebbe we can chat when KT webcasts from England. Hasta luego
hornedfrog2: no change in naples....on a whole.....sounds like they are going to drop prices and try to create a new niche....we actuallylike to order from Thrive ship about anything....other than that...jury is still out on the purchase by amazon
msfan: How's Whole Foods doing since Amazon jumped in?
hornedfrog2: Whole Foods and Radiotennis and LTC...a Great Combo:)
hornedfrog2: the bbc is reporting...RT and LTC have been purchased by Amazon:)
hornedfrog2: got to love the gophers! BIG TEN!
Ken: Minnesotta !!!!!
hornedfrog2: late badger
hornedfrog2: go frogs
Ken: Thanks everyone !
hornedfrog2: say goodnight josh\nny...goodnight johnny
hornedfrog2: goodnight, gracie
hornedfrog2: this is the ole left hander...rounding third and heading for home
hornedfrog2: nice call today....writing with tears in my eyes
hornedfrog2: love you fred
hornedfrog2: really...should have been
hornedfrog2: Give my best to George at the Cove:)
hornedfrog2: #luvthepushers
hornedfrog2: Let me know i'll make it happen
hornedfrog2: love the the drool:)
msfan: KT's interviews with Sam Stosur have always been good. During one such interview, the miking was so good that one could hear KT's drool hit the ground.
hornedfrog2: there will be a livetennischat reunion at the French Open this coming June....see you there:)
msfan: Don't forget Tim Henman
hornedfrog2: :)
hornedfrog2: KT would lie to announce the Going away party for Live Tennis Chat.....later this summer...stay tuned:(
msfan: KT's interview with John Lloyd was very good. Especially liked the part where he described the aftermath of a Davis Cup match in which Roger Taylor lost to Manolo Orantes in Barcelona. The aftermath included Taylor going into the stands to fight with spectators. Back when Davis Cup truly would get wild.
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