17 Apr 16, 12:53
iris: @CeeJay: Sorry for taking so long to do get back to you, but I've added you!
9 Apr 16, 13:22
CeeJay: @Iris, added you! Thanks :)
9 Apr 16, 02:02
Iris: @CeeJay: I'm glad you enjoyed the review! Yes, you can definitely add me to your list of affiliates. I'll add you as well when I get a chance (I'm currently on my phone).
8 Apr 16, 18:13
CeeJay: Read your review for Fashion War and although we didn't see it, we still enjoyed your thoughts on the drama! Is it ok if we add you on our affiliates list?
6 Apr 16, 22:10
Iris: @CeeJay: Hey CeeJay! Glad to see you've found your way over to TVB Interaction. :) Thank you! I am going to be very busy soon, but I will try to still write something every once in a while!
6 Apr 16, 22:05
Iris: @AF: Nancy really does look beautiful in those pictures. :) Fashion War review has just been posted! Sorry, I had to do some reading first haha.
6 Apr 16, 21:53
AF: Dayumm! I fall in love all over again every time I see Nancy in your banner. Anyway, stopped by to see if you posted your Fashion War review yet lol!
18 Mar 16, 15:19
CeeJay: Hey! We just found this TVB blog after reading AE Experience for a while now and really love your posts. We have a lot of the same thoughts on TVB dramas and hope you can write more!
25 Dec 15, 23:55
Jnewin: Only, you, Mirriamfanz, and Love of TVB https://tvbandthailakorns.wordpress.com/ are still tvb blogging
11 Oct 15, 01:29
Iris: means so much! I hope you've been doing well. :) Are you still watching TVB series?
11 Oct 15, 01:29
Iris: @Annisa: Wow hi Annisa! I haven't heard from you in years! Yep, still writing on and off, usually for the anniversary awards and try to review any series I manage to finish. Aw thanks so much, that me
3 Oct 15, 03:57
Annisa: Hey Iris, glad to see you're still writing about TVB. Just dropped by, read a couple reviews, and want to let you know your writing has improved immensely. Keep it up!
12 Sep 15, 19:51
Iris: Aw thank you Katii! However, I don't think I will be watching either series since I'm not that interested in them or have much time these days.
11 Sep 15, 16:45
Katii: I'm looking forward your ESYT and MLOR reviews :)
18 Aug 15, 20:48
lynne: done this week though...and then a three week break. eh? your school starts earlier than mine?? omg..we need longer breaks. I miss my summer breaks from highschool Q.Q
18 Aug 15, 20:47
lynne: haha it is actually an old banner that I'm reusing :P I have no more creativity or energy left to do a banner cause nothing is interesting lols. Man....i am still finishing up with finals. Will be
18 Aug 15, 00:51
lynne: Haha yah I'm back...kind of...not really...we'll see :P it's been a busy summer x) how is yours?
16 Aug 15, 17:40
Jnewin: and this new tvb blogger http://hongkongtvseriescritic.blogspot.com.au/
16 Aug 15, 17:38
Jnewin: KTVB and TVB A Way of Thinking are taking huge breaks.
16 Aug 15, 17:38
Jnewin: There's only you, Lynne, and Mirriamfanz and hyn5 as tvb bloggers.
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