25 Aug 09, 20:00
skayylove: how do i order the glimmersticks?
23 Aug 09, 22:45
amy: what do you mean, you don't carry circle lenses?
20 Aug 09, 13:48
KAWAIIEYECANDY: and after this batch i will no longer carry circle lenses
20 Aug 09, 13:47
KAWAIIEYECANDY: it comes with a hello kitty case
20 Aug 09, 13:47
KAWAIIEYECANDY: hello amy, i am sorry but i do not do price match... the end of batch #1 will end tomorrow
18 Aug 09, 23:55
amy: do you do price match with other blogshop?
5 Aug 09, 06:44
Kalia: Hi, I was wondering what exactly does these lense do and how does it work?
2 Aug 09, 20:47
KAWAIIEYECANDY: @lacy please click on GEO LENS it will take you there
2 Aug 09, 20:47
2 Aug 09, 19:44
lacyy: what kind of color do you have for the contact lenses
2 Aug 09, 15:26
KAWAIIEYECANDY: i am sorry i just restricted it to only geo now. sorry for any inconvience
2 Aug 09, 14:49
amynaree: do you guys carry toric lenses?
2 Aug 09, 12:48
KAWAIIEYECANDY: @linh i send you an email.
2 Aug 09, 04:02
Linh: ahaha yes I got your reply, thank you! yeah hope to hear from you soon about the international shipping prices =D
1 Aug 09, 18:03
KAWAIIEYECANDY: jk' i got it.
1 Aug 09, 18:02
KAWAIIEYECANDY: Hi linh, Thank you! i just checked my email and have not recieved anything yet. Can you please resend it
1 Aug 09, 17:44
Linh: Congrats on opening the site! I just sent you an e-mail. Sorry if I'm random x