23 Mar 11, 19:45
SweetLadies: blogwalking in the morning.. return the visit back please..
17 Mar 10, 23:12
amirah: hello thira.just dropping by!(:
14 Sep 09, 23:38
am: cassie's hair - nay.
9 Sep 09, 13:39
thira to faishal.: of course you have. so have i. :P doesnt mean i can buy it . haha
9 Sep 09, 03:08
faishal: i saw the red lv luggage bag before..
8 Sep 09, 00:35
thira to all readers.: i wish i was uber rich and could buy everything in the LV catalogue
7 Sep 09, 19:35
thira to shu fei: thank youu. i did it myself. usually im retarded when it comes to IT stuff.
7 Sep 09, 19:12
thira to jac.: hahahhaha. yes but i edit the swear words out. :P
7 Sep 09, 19:12
thira to jade.: this one's for school jade. its part of our english project thing
7 Sep 09, 17:47
Jac: Oo. Love the skin! Lol! Lazy Rexter! copied and pasted it :P
7 Sep 09, 12:17
Shu Fei: Nice skin.
7 Sep 09, 02:24
jade: mike did doctor popcorn. you can do something about fashion! :P HAHA
7 Sep 09, 02:24
jade: really need ANOTHER fashion blog? hahaha
7 Sep 09, 00:51
thira.: new skin. :P i get bored easily
15 Aug 09, 18:44
thira to deana.: i'm sure they look better as flats anyway :P plus they must be more comfy now.
6 Aug 09, 14:30
deana: actually. those shoes used to have heels. until i wore it. haha kk ciao (:
5 Aug 09, 16:17
deana: wow. cool hand me downs haha. all i got from my mom is her mom's coach flats. hehe ^^ vintage much?
1 Aug 09, 22:26