1 Nov 13, 13:00
Fatin: nice blog.. come visit mine
17 Jul 13, 20:46
Farah: nice blog.. come visit mine
17 Sep 09, 12:02
Eizzy: yeah...its not too bad...
27 Aug 09, 08:26
Mullmeister: Sounds like fun... I guess. Your on your way to Malaya, Sounds cool
27 Aug 09, 06:39
Eizzy: ...doing desert things...lol.
26 Aug 09, 14:47
Mullmeister: Yeah, I have your Ip address labled so i usually see it. lol... I see, cant imagine her holding much of a conversation anyway. I did, it was an accident. What the hell r u doing in the desert?
23 Aug 09, 19:19
Eizzy: hehehe didnt see uganda on your traffic feed huh? yeah i'm on the move...in U.A.E, was in Al Ain but now in Dubai...
23 Aug 09, 19:18
Eizzy: through ur foot?? wtf baba, thought u gave up the dangerous stuff...oh i had 2 drop off sum stuff at ur hse 4 faisal and met her at home...just small talk and stuff...
23 Aug 09, 18:21
Mullmeister: Hey! Where did you see her?! What you guys talk about? lol... Hiking was great though i had a tent peg through my foot... Did alot of thinking but hey... Where r u?!
22 Aug 09, 14:28
Eizzy: HeY! had a chat with ur mum the other day...lol. it had been a while almost hadnt recognised her!...hw was ur camping trip??
14 Aug 09, 12:20
Mullmeister: I guess all that thinking requires us to vent a little in the form of crude language we would otherwise not use... Lol
14 Aug 09, 09:34
MizzEizzy: LOL, who knows?! perhaps its the absense of God here that makes us "talk dirty"...lmao!!
12 Aug 09, 13:16
Slim00: Oh my! There is so much food for thought here! And wat makes you guys all talk dirty?? On a blog about whether there is or is not a God and the non-virtues of religion!
10 Aug 09, 10:57
MizzEizzy: neither am i usually that vulgar...must have been possesed by julis...lol
7 Aug 09, 23:47
Mullmeister: No! I would never be that vulgar!
7 Aug 09, 17:48
MizzEizzy: i thought u were draw a penis or vagina on my wall too! LoL...
3 Aug 09, 15:07
Mullmeister: *Pulls down pants and takes a look. Shakes head yet again and thinks this must be impressionist art. Remember's your camping so picks up a spray can and takes a walk to your wall*
3 Aug 09, 08:53
MizzEizzy: HEY!! That IS what it looks like, according to observation! its just....an artistic impression of it...thats why its lopsided at the end....LMAO
2 Aug 09, 11:12
Mullmeister: *Stands back to look at the drawing... Wonders if thats really what you think one looks like... Shakes head and walks away*
1 Aug 09, 17:40
MiZZeiZZy: *spray paints a crude drawing of a penis on your wall*
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