23 Feb 15, 11:59
Jill: Who has a good crepe recipe? I'm depending on you and your french family to not let me down, Danielle.
8 Dec 12, 17:24
Dave: Any good recipies for fruitcake, y'all?
26 Nov 11, 17:20
Jill: So, I ran out of space in my picasa web albums and was deleting pics and accidentallly delted the background for the blog. Nows the time to make requests or we can leave it with dots for now.
16 Nov 11, 13:07
Amy: We are headed to my mil's house. I am bringing the pumpkn cheesecake.
12 Nov 11, 15:01
Jill: Have you decided on your Thanksgiving menus yet?
19 Jul 11, 15:32
Jill: We had some friends bring us a TON of cucumbers. Besides pickles, do you have any suggestions?
19 Jun 11, 12:35
Danielle: Testing...
27 May 11, 08:35
Amy: I just saw your post, Emily. I will have to talk to my mom about posting it. It is top secret.
26 May 11, 14:09
Jill: Any new grilling recipes or summer meal ideas?
21 May 11, 20:46
Emily: I've heard rumors of an amazing carrot cake...any chance that recipe could be posted?
12 Apr 11, 17:23
Jill: I guess spam is somewhat appropriate for a recipe blog... ;)
6 Apr 11, 13:30
Danielle: Do you not find the spammers entertaining? ;D Checking it out...
5 Apr 11, 18:55
Jill: Is there a way to block spammers on this thing?
16 Feb 11, 09:54
Amy: And the cheesecake looks fantastic! I need to get my groove back on and find some new recipes!
15 Feb 11, 23:19
Jill: I lied. I posted cheesecake. I was going to post the salad and then when I was looking back realized that I'd already posted a similar one. So. Cheesecake.
19 Jan 11, 15:56
Jill: Sorry. I will look post the yummy salad I recently made next. ;)
18 Jan 11, 10:57
Amy: You are killing me witjh these dessert recipes, Jill! They all look so good. What's up with dessert in January when we are all supposed to be losing weight?;)
24 Nov 10, 20:32
Amy: I made a cranberry orange sauce instead of doing cranberries from a can. They are yummy!
24 Nov 10, 17:04
Jill: Are y'all trying any new dishes at your Thanksgiving feast this year?
24 Nov 10, 17:03
Jill: I'll have to ask him. I think it is the texture mostly. I usually use dried minced kind because they are small. Pureeing would be a great way to disguise them.
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