28 Dec 11, 11:36
Teres: Nice site
20 Dec 11, 16:03
Kyle: keep update ^_^
21 Jan 10, 23:05
Holly: Thanks Beth! I'm so glad you like it.
12 Jan 10, 10:39
Beth: Great Kit! I'm hoping to get one as soon as I have the spare $ for it!
7 Jan 10, 13:16
Holly: Hey Beth. Boy am I slow, but here is the boy kit I have had on hand. . . finally posted. :) Hope it was worth the wait. :)
23 Nov 09, 20:54
Holly: Ooh ooh, I am in the mood for Turkey! I just got all the groceries to start cooking tomorrow.
31 Oct 09, 17:35
Hi mary: I received a Travel Log for a mini sent to me by Dara , but I have had no email or info on what I am to do or who to send onto. Could you tell me if it was part of your Travel Mini. Cheers Jude:-] :nuts:
29 Oct 09, 09:11
Holly: Hi Cindy. :) We would can ship the kits to Canada for an extra $6. Thanks for asking. We are excited to see which ones interest you.
27 Oct 09, 12:10
cindy: Hi could you tell what the cost for the kits including shipping would be to ontario canada thanks
13 Oct 09, 14:57
Holly: Ooh Beth. I am totally on it. Wait until you see what I came up with. I might just have to scrap my lil nephew with it.
10 Oct 09, 16:23
Beth: waiting for those boy kits..((tapping her foot)) hehe....i had fun last nite with that brag book even with me loosing all my pieces and falling behind! thanks Mary!
4 Oct 09, 17:13
Mary: Helloooo all!!! Hope you're havin' a great weekend!
3 Oct 09, 11:28
swamy: hai
28 Sep 09, 19:36
Dawn-Marie: Hi Mary! I wanted to say that I love your blog and your kits are awesome! I sent you 2 emails.
21 Sep 09, 08:49
Mary: Hi, Jude!!! Nope :) ANYBODY can join in!!!
19 Sep 09, 19:04
19 Sep 09, 16:01
Mary: HOORAY for street credit!!!
18 Sep 09, 08:53
Holly: Jumping up and down right now. Do you know why?
12 Sep 09, 22:09
Holly: Got some cool dude stuff ta'day! Can't wait to get it together and posted.
10 Sep 09, 16:55
Mary: ON!!!
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