19 Jun 17, 14:01
S&S: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Cock Inn session in Wing is on for tomorrow evening, Tuesday 20th June.* *S & S*
13 Jun 17, 14:16
S&S: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Swan session in Stewkley is on for tomorrow evening, Wednesday 14th June.* *S & S*
12 Jun 17, 20:59
Roots School: Hiya guys. This Thursday we'll have another run through of the tunes we'll be playing at our Home Grown barn dance on 8th July. I've put out about 460 leaflets around the area, and expect to have posted approx 1200 by the time the dance draws close. We'll try to crack into tuition a little sooner than we did last time, and hopefully get a go at Freight Train which Ian has done so much work on. Later - and I've got so much on -I'll draft different parts for the instruments - but atm my feet are sore, my legs are tired and my mouth is too dry to moan :) See you Thursday. jt
5 Jun 17, 13:20
S&S: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Cock Inn session in Wing is on for tomorrow evening, Tuesday 6th June.* *S & S*
4 Jun 17, 15:39
Pete: Reminder: Stony Live tune session As a part of Stony Live Week there will be a traditional tune and dance session in The Stables Bar at the rear of The Bull Hotel in Stony Stratford on Monday, June 5th starting at 7.00pm. All players are welcome.
31 May 17, 20:55
Roots School: On tomorrow - come and learn or improve. See you there
22 May 17, 13:10
S & S: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Cock Inn session in Wing is on for tomorrow evening, Tuesday 23rd May.* *S & S*
18 May 17, 15:14
Roots School: Hi guys, Roots School tonight. We'll have a run through of some tunes, calling practise for those that are up for it, and we'll try out the new headsets with the amp. Then tuition, coffee/tea and maybe we can take a quick look at Freight Train - I haven't forgotten that one :) See you all later - jt.
16 May 17, 18:35
*S & S*: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Swan session in Stewkley is on for tomorrow evening, Wednesday 17th May.* *S & S*
8 May 17, 22:03
*S & S*: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Cock Inn session in Wing is on for tomorrow evening, Tuesday 9th May.* *S & S*
4 May 17, 11:12
Roots School: Roots School is on tonight (no elections this month) and we have a visiting folk dance group, so it will be a ceilidh tonight - so come along and join in. Check the tunes needed on our website - click the name.
24 Apr 17, 15:04
*S & S*: *Hi all,* *A bit of a temporary change of venue tomorrow. The Cock Inn session will be held at the Old Farm Inn, **Church Road, Totternhoe. Beds LU6 1RE as we're celebrating Andy Marlow's birthday. This is a one off move on Tuesday 25th April and we'll be back at the Cock Inn on 9th May* *Also, a quick heads up for those who wanted to know, the Concrete Cowboys will be saddling up and heading for The Song loft at the Cock Hotel Stony Stratford on Friday 5th May starting at 8.15.* *Arrive early to guarantee your seat as this is a NON ticket event, just £7 on the door.* *Hope to see you there.* *S & S*
23 Apr 17, 10:04
shyam: hi it is working or not
18 Apr 17, 18:03
*S & S*: *Hi all,* *Just to let you know, the Swan session in Stewkley is on for tomorrow evening, Wednesday 19th April.* *S & S*
17 Apr 17, 09:02
Roots School: Hi guys, Roots School is on this Thursday - looking forward to seeing you all again after my short stay in Milton Keynes University Hotel. It will be the usual format of a bash then tuition then either more bashing or for those that want it one on one help. I'll be looking to do simple stuff, like sitting down and making some tea :) - beginner bohran, bones and beginner fiddle. Graham Tait has broken his arm - I won't tell you how, I'll leave that to him to explain when he comes back, but it looks like he's away from music for about 6 weeks while he's plastered ! Take care guys, see you Thursday. All the very best to you Pete from all of us art Roots School. Catchya - John Timpany
17 Apr 17, 09:01
John Timpany: Pete, thank you so much for all the years of effort maintaining the site. It's been very valuable for me and for many others. All the very best to you mate - jt.
10 Apr 17, 14:17
Edmund Flach: Many thanks for maintaining the site over many years, Pete. Being an occasional, "dip-in, dip-out" kind of folk musician the information on here has been invaluable for checking from one week to the next where and when I might find a session! Hopefully the information on Facebook and elsewhere will indeed fill the gap. Best wishes, Edmund
4 Apr 17, 10:14
Pete: I have been persuaded to leave the site on-line as a source of information but will no longer be publishing the weekly list. The message board will continue but the accuracy of the session list will depend on visitor input.
30 Mar 17, 18:11
Stewkley Bob: @Pete - That's a shame. Unfamiliar with the local session scene, I found the first few sessions I went to as a returning folky on here and have found much useful information over the intevening years. Thank you for all the work you have put into creating and maintaining the site/blog and best wishes to you. Bob.
29 Mar 17, 07:36
Pete: Unfortunately I have made the decision to bring the MK Sessions website/blog to an end as social media has made it fairly redundant in recent years and I no longer get to many sessions so feel unable to maintain it as an accurate source of information. I hope some of you have found it useful over the years it has existed and that the local session scene remains healthy and thriving for all our local musicians. All the best Pete
28 Mar 17, 10:03
Jon Marks: Full Moon at Cholesbury, this Sunday at 8pm - we're no longer in the restaurant, we're in the side room where we started.
15 Mar 17, 16:22
Roots School: On this Thursday. We have some beginner fiddlers attending as well as our usual more advanced group. The percussion group is steaming along with bones and bodhran - playing either is a great way to part of the music if you don't know the tune. Tutors include Ian Walker (guitar - many styles), Chloe Elizabeth Middleton-Metcalfe (fiddle - predominantly English), Graham Tait (whistle - different styles), Janice miller (guitar, bodhran and penny whistle), John Timpany (fiddle, whistle, guitar, percussion kettle and vacuum cleaner) Hope to see you there, :biggrin:
19 Feb 17, 18:39
Fiddle Masters Class: For anyone new to the tune and perhaps new to Roots School (Shame on you ! ) here's the abc link to it. There is a particular bow pattern I'm using to demonstrate it, so please be prepared to 'relearn' it if you fancy coming along. I have to thank John Devine for introducing me to it as a 'beginners' tool - but it extends so much further than that Here's the URL for it :http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=thesession.org/tunes/3842.no-ext/0003
19 Feb 17, 18:33
Fiddle Mastes Class: Yo fiddlers At Roots School Thursday, March 2nd, with Chloe's permission, I would like to run another of our Fiddle Masters classes during the tuition period. For those that have attended last years 2 hour classes, I realise Lisnagun must be hard work by now BUT it is an invaluable tool. Once again I would like to spend time working on the 'A' part again. We'll be learning 'Turning the gas on' for those that missed it, and we'll take a peek at emphasising notes within a phrase, to bring out the - whatever ! Irishness? flavour, lilt, idiosyncrasy of the tune (had to look that up) ? It adds to it I promise.
15 Feb 17, 16:04
Roots School: As a foot note, we have 3 guitar tutors, 2 fiddle tutors, 2 whistle tutors, 2 percussion tutors and 2 vocal tutors. Our total tutors are 5 multi instrumentalists and vocalists all with professional experience. We can also teach amplification and stage presentation/projection/use and mic types and use if that tickles you. Tickles me no end ! :) It you need this type of advise - chat with me in the coffee break - John Timpany.
15 Feb 17, 15:55
Roots School: This Thursday another meeting of our ever growing Roots School with tuition in most acoustic instruments; jamming with our burgeoning ceilidh band (Barn Dance Band - we're mostly English) that you will be welcome to join, and for the first time we're introducing percussion tuition for bodhran & bones. We have stuff you can borrow on the night. Don't be shy - we're all good people and you'll make a lot of friends and learn lots of tricks, teases and styles on whichever Roots instrument you fancy learning or developing. Look forward to seeing you there - Please NOTE I'm having trouble with uploading to the website server atm - so the dates will be out for a while later on - it's every 1st and 3rd Thursday - venue is the same - see you all there - JT :cool:
7 Feb 17, 13:20
Steve Barnes: Hi All, We're sorry to report that the Queen's Head in Wing rather unexpectedly closed down last weekend. The pub has been for sale for some time but has not yet found a buyer. We had some great and well attended sessions there over the last four years and were always made welcome so it will be much missed. We went across the road to the Cock Inn last night and Alan the landlord is very keen for us to move the session there so we had a good look round. The bar area doesn't look ideal with the big screen tv and the slot machines but we think we've found a good spot at the far end of the restaurant. Lots of oak beams and character with plenty of room for everyone. So, from next Tuesday, 14th February, the Queens Head session will become The Cock Inn session. Come along and see what you think. It's just up the road from the Queen's Head and has a large car park and good beer. Cheers, Steve & Sally
31 Jan 17, 15:00
Anja Peter: There will be a session this fri at the swan and helmet this fri 3rd feb 17, it's mainly Irish tunes! All welcome! Look forward to seeing you all there!
31 Jan 17, 14:59
Anja Peter: Hi!
30 Jan 17, 14:58
Jon Marks: The 1st Sunday of the month session at The Full Moon, Cholesbury, resumes after breaking just the once for Sun, 1/1. Next session this coming Sunday, 8pm - and 1st Sundays thereafter. Jon 01442 828 533
19 Dec 16, 13:47
Pete: There will be no list published for Christmas week so if you wish to publicize any session during the week please use this message board.... Normal service will be resumed in the new year.
13 Dec 16, 01:45
Roots School: Seriously good value for money - seriously good fun too. Come along and risk enjoying yourself !!
13 Dec 16, 01:43
Roots School: This Thursday, we return from a blinder of a dance session with MK Folk Dance & U3A to our usual routine. Bit of a jam/session of the tunes we're working on - then Tuition, coffee/tea and finish with a jam/session or 1 on1 student/teacher for those who would like it.
13 Oct 16, 14:23
Roots School: Oppps - can't do a return in the message window LOL - so if you fancy learning an acoustic instrument or learning new 'styles', or improving your playing - come along and meet us - dirt cheap to get in - just a fiver and we have very high qwuality tutors and free tea and coffee. See you there
13 Oct 16, 14:21
Roots School: Roots School is on tonight - we have swapped dates to accomodate the hall's committee meeting.
27 Sep 16, 15:07
Roots School: No Roots School this week since it's the 5th Thursday in the month - see you on the 6th Oct. Catchya
22 Sep 16, 11:57
Pete: Liz informs there will be no session at The Lamb (Stoke Goldington) this month.
4 Sep 16, 17:32
Roots School: On Thursday 15th Sept we'll take a look at the mystical side of timings and how we can dovetail a 6/8 time into a standard 4/4. We'll do this not just for fiddles, whistles and lead intruments but for guitar flat picking and finger picking too. So, if you fancy a trip over to the lighter side of music, I'll get out my magic book of time spells, blow off the dust from where it has been laying in my dungeons for centuries, (don't say it) and in a week and a half we'll go down this seldom trod path of enlightenment. You'll need a wonky wand and a pointy hat. Just to be on the safe side. Cloaks are in btw
28 Aug 16, 22:28
Roots School: Running this Thursday - click the name for the website- tuition in most acoustic instruments esp. Guitar, fiddle, whistle, mandolin. Want to learn to play something, be part of a band or improve what you already play? Come along.
2 Aug 16, 20:43
Jon Marks: The Oak session at Aston Clinton has moved to The Chandos at Weston Turville. - But - There's no session in August.
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