27 May 13, 23:19
Naomi: Please visit my new website Funeek.com ;)
21 May 13, 00:51
Product Testing: hi, nice blog! want to exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
24 Oct 11, 14:23
Sexy Girl Here: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
24 Sep 11, 20:08
Sex & City: look at me yeah. i wish you can visit mine too
9 Aug 11, 13:19
Brad Callen: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
1 Sep 09, 17:24
kexin: so taipo visit my blog ya..=)
1 Sep 09, 14:13
Shin Wei: Kexin: no wonder la...last few weeks try 2 open ur blog but failed!!thought got problem with ur blog...
31 Aug 09, 19:15
kexin: 开学咯。.
31 Aug 09, 12:23
Kelvin: dun need thx... i dun owe u toilet bowl edi... wakkaa
27 Aug 09, 11:55
kexin: taipo i changed my link dy..^^ free visit my blog ya..
24 Aug 09, 10:19
Shin Wei: Kelvin, tq lo tat day...rushing here n there with me n my sis...
24 Aug 09, 10:18
Shin Wei: Kelvin, tq lo tat day...rushing here n there with me n my sis...tq u this
23 Aug 09, 11:04
Kelvin: Ren mei shi jiu hao
22 Aug 09, 17:03
Shin Wei: involved in an accident 2day...luckily me n erjie r safe...jz d little kelisa was sent to hospital liao...T_T
20 Aug 09, 09:03
Shin Wei: haha...yea, cuz last time i seldom update this blog 1...start use it back last 2 months...i'll oso always follow up ur blog oo, u oso hav 2 take care~~
20 Aug 09, 04:18
Ping: Hey dear shin wei.. ping din know u had blog as well. until i saw ur comments :P anyway has add you in my links d...Take Care ya!!
16 Aug 09, 01:55
Shin Wei: haha...now u know liao lo...haiseh, then i cannot write sum secret here liao, later u tell di yi...
13 Aug 09, 03:07
WeyChin: woahhh.. i didnt know u have a blog! :)
1 Aug 09, 10:59
Shin Wei: aiyo, not free ler...final exam coming liao...free tat time will blog lo...
30 Jul 09, 06:58
Kelvin: Must blog more... so i can get update from u leh... seldom can meet one... aiks
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