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04/25/19 04:10 PM
YingGirl: They don't mean bad, but my illness I have, I could be barred from living in the srates
04/25/19 04:10 PM
@Dr. Xadium: "could". There are legal ways to address that
04/25/19 04:10 PM
@Dr. Xadium: that's not a good reason to break soemthing off
04/25/19 04:11 PM
YingGirl: I know. I felt like s[BLEEP]it this week, not enough to self harm. But I did see images of dead fish on the floor
04/25/19 04:12 PM
YingGirl: Still hoping my social worker could help me. Seeing my doctor in auguAu
04/25/19 04:12 PM
YingGirl: August
04/25/19 04:14 PM
YingGirl: My family says Mike should move up here. But I don't want him to loss his job just because he can be with me
04/25/19 04:14 PM
YingGirl: Still, i'm distress
04/25/19 04:15 PM
@Dr. Xadium: :<
04/25/19 04:15 PM
@Dr. Xadium: Quebec is s[BLEEP]it for english speakers as you know
04/25/19 04:15 PM
@Dr. Xadium: if he were to go up there you'd want to live in virtually any other province
04/25/19 04:16 PM
YingGirl: Yeah, I know most games won't sell in Quebec
04/25/19 04:16 PM
@Dr. Xadium: if you didn't mind living in the middle of nowhere for a while manitoba will pay a f[BLEEP]ckton to get peiople in
04/25/19 04:16 PM
@Dr. Xadium: pay almost all expenses etc
04/25/19 04:16 PM
YingGirl: Oh cool
04/25/19 04:16 PM
@Dr. Xadium: you can just bank money
04/25/19 04:17 PM
YingGirl: Yeah.
04/25/19 04:18 PM
YingGirl: Thanks for the talk. I really hope my social worker can help.
04/25/19 04:19 PM
YingGirl: I don't want to ditch mike
04/25/19 04:19 PM
@Dr. Xadium: nor should you
04/25/19 04:19 PM
@Dr. Xadium: he really cares abotu you and it's rare ot find that
04/25/19 04:20 PM
YingGirl: Yeah
04/25/19 04:42 PM
DSRaoul: Hey all.
04/25/19 05:00 PM
@Dr. Xadium: yo
04/25/19 05:19 PM
@Lego3400: ...I am apperntly 5 years old
04/25/19 05:19 PM
@Lego3400: There was a clothing tag on the bathroom sink that read "INSPIRED HEARTS"
04/25/19 05:19 PM
@Lego3400: Except a brush was sitting on it.
04/25/19 05:19 PM
@Lego3400: So it looked like it said FARTS
04/25/19 06:15 PM
YingGirl: Heh
04/25/19 06:16 PM
YingGirl: 7 pm, I'll allow myself to game or read
04/25/19 06:17 PM
YingGirl: I'm trying to put all my eShop digital game on one memory card
04/25/19 06:46 PM
YingGirl: Quebec also wants to axe out the English Montreal schoolboard
04/25/19 06:47 PM
YingGirl: f[BLEEP]ckMyLife
04/25/19 06:55 PM
KingPriceman: you might need to move out of Quebec if they're purging the english language as though it's no longer relevant. X did give you a good suggestion earlier.
04/25/19 06:56 PM
KingPriceman: sorry for how blunt it may sound, but I felt it needed to be said.
04/25/19 07:12 PM
Solarchos: Quebec is a messed up country in general. It's been messed up since before the 1990s thanks to the French.
04/25/19 07:16 PM
KingPriceman: well, it's still technically a state, but we might as well give it the country label.
04/25/19 07:19 PM
@Lego3400: actully the correct term is Provence
04/25/19 07:20 PM
Solarchos: They certainly want to be their own country, that's for sure.
04/25/19 07:23 PM
@Lego3400: yeah but that'd be like texas breaking away. It wouldn't work long term
04/25/19 07:28 PM
Solarchos: It wouldn't, but try telling that to the Quebecoi Nationalists. The French have been encouraging that sort of thing since the 1980s with their "Vive le Quebec" bulls[BLEEP]it.
04/25/19 07:35 PM
YingGirl: That happened at 1967 World Fair whereas France's PM said "Vivre Le Quebec Vivre"
04/25/19 07:36 PM
YingGirl: CAQ also targeting immigrants with their religious symbol ban
04/25/19 07:36 PM
YingGirl: I trying to be ok
04/25/19 07:37 PM
Solarchos: I've heard some dark rumors about how some of those refugees have been acting, so I'm not sure if a religious symbol ban is a good thing or a bad thing.
04/25/19 07:38 PM
@Lego3400: It's never a good thing
04/25/19 07:39 PM
@Lego3400: ...Also what the heck ACIIIHD. I died falling off a pole, how does that mean I failed an evesdrop when I'm not even on a mission
04/25/19 07:39 PM
Solarchos: Probably not a good thing. It does sound heavy-handed of the Quebecois.
04/25/19 07:39 PM
YingGirl: I am wary of getting that game next month
04/25/19 07:40 PM
YingGirl: I rather get the Caligula Effect Overdose
04/25/19 07:40 PM
@Lego3400: Then get it?
04/25/19 07:40 PM
YingGirl: I will.
04/25/19 07:40 PM
YingGirl: Just waiting for the funds
04/25/19 08:15 PM
Solarchos: On a lighter note, Chen was being a little snot earlier. I was telling Matts this morning that Chen kept me up a good portion of the night because she wanted me to play with and pay attention to her.
04/25/19 08:16 PM
Solarchos: But later on when I took a nap to catch up on the sleep I missed, I woke up at one point to find Chen curled up on the bed behind my head. She was watching me sleep.
04/25/19 08:24 PM
YingGirl: Aww
04/25/19 08:26 PM
YingGirl: If you like cat things, there's an anime called my room mate is a cat
04/25/19 08:26 PM
YingGirl: Warning, it has feels
04/25/19 08:27 PM
Solarchos: Feels are good from time to time
04/25/19 08:28 PM
YingGirl: Yeah, Mike wants to get a tuxedo when I move in
04/25/19 08:32 PM
Solarchos: Heh. That cat wouldn't be the Black Cat of Ill Omen! XD
04/25/19 08:40 PM
YingGirl: No, it's because Haru from that anime is a tixedt
04/25/19 08:40 PM
YingGirl: Tuxedo^
04/25/19 08:41 PM
YingGirl: But kiva is very territorial with womem
04/25/19 08:41 PM
YingGirl: I'm gonna crash for bed.
04/25/19 08:41 PM
YingGirl: Night
04/25/19 09:05 PM
MoonSoldier3: Hey.
04/25/19 09:08 PM
MoonSoldier3: To the Neo Senshi players, I'm gonna have to hold off on Stage 3 of Vyle's fortress a little longer. Got more overtime to put in. ~_~
04/25/19 09:12 PM
MoonSoldier3: As far as I know, guys, beginning Monday for two week I've got mandatory overtime to put in so my event is gonna be on hold until I know further details.
04/25/19 09:13 PM
Solarchos: Awwww. Too bad.
04/25/19 09:13 PM
Solarchos: I'm about to crash for the night too, so I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night.
04/25/19 09:13 PM
MoonSoldier3: Night, Solar.
04/25/19 10:03 PM
MoonSoldier3: Well, night, guys.
04/26/19 12:03 AM
DSRaoul: Apologies, but I'm fading fast. I'm out; later.
04/26/19 02:15 AM
@UltraMatt: night guys
04/26/19 11:37 AM
@UltraMatt: hi
04/26/19 11:44 AM
DSRaoul: Yo.
04/26/19 11:49 AM
@UltraMatt: how are you
04/26/19 11:50 AM
DSRaoul: Tired of all this rain we've been getting.
04/26/19 12:19 PM
KingPriceman: thunderstorms
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