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10/18/17 10:35 AM
firefly_1824: it's been...interesting, so far
10/18/17 10:35 AM
ChuChuBucket: The ironic part about all that...
10/18/17 10:36 AM
firefly_1824: we are maintaining the good freelance copyeditors for journals that really need it but i don't think they're taking on new ones at this point
10/18/17 10:36 AM
ChuChuBucket: if the state finds out a job was outsourced they're required to put a legal notice in the newspaper that's of general circulation where the job was notifying the affected people of unemployment benefits and other training
10/18/17 10:36 AM
ChuChuBucket: So I had to run a legal notice for my own newspaper.
10/18/17 10:36 AM
ChuChuBucket: That was weird.
10/18/17 10:37 AM
firefly_1824: i have no idea about that stuff, just what we're told
10/18/17 10:37 AM
ChuChuBucket: well, it was worth a shot.
10/18/17 10:37 AM
ChuChuBucket: I mean, I can send you my resume and a portfolio but would it even help?
10/18/17 10:38 AM
ChuChuBucket: man I wish I had asked you earlier
10/18/17 10:39 AM
YingGirl: hey
10/18/17 10:41 AM
ChuChuBucket: Gonna go work on my sewing. Later.
10/18/17 10:44 AM
YingGirl: take care
10/18/17 10:47 AM
firefly_1824: unfortunately, you'd have to apply with someone else; i do know you have to have prevous professonal copyediting experience
10/18/17 10:48 AM
firefly_1824: i could go ask if they're currently accepting applications or not, though
10/18/17 10:53 AM
YingGirl: kay
10/18/17 10:55 AM
firefly_1824: hey ying
10/18/17 10:56 AM
YingGirl: hello, i purchaded another card off paypal
10/18/17 10:56 AM
YingGirl: ho oh gx
10/18/17 10:56 AM
YingGirl: the tin box vesion
10/18/17 10:57 AM
YingGirl: also got my pikachu
10/18/17 11:00 AM
YingGirl: next monday is silvary
10/18/17 11:00 AM
DSRaoul: ~_~ Figures... ran my ass all the way out to the college, turns out class was cancelled today.
10/18/17 11:00 AM
YingGirl: yeah, that happen to me too
10/18/17 11:01 AM
DSRaoul: There was a message to come in through our student accounts... but it only just showed up 10 minutes ago.
10/18/17 11:01 AM
DSRaoul: So I'm gonna hang around the campus--- thankfully there's free food going on today that I otherwise would've missed.
10/18/17 11:02 AM
YingGirl: cool
10/18/17 11:10 AM
YingGirl: i should focus on getting warriors next month
10/18/17 11:11 AM
YingGirl: i'm getting adduicted to pokemon
10/18/17 11:19 AM
firefly_1824: that's not necessarily a bad thing
10/18/17 11:20 AM
KingPriceman: :D
10/18/17 11:20 AM
YingGirl: no, but i'm wasting money to buy pokemon booster packs to find a tapu lele gx
10/18/17 11:21 AM
YingGirl: i just bought another ho oh
10/18/17 11:24 AM
YingGirl: hell, i was debating to get more packs with my next cheque
10/18/17 11:25 AM
YingGirl: i rather get a selfie stick
10/18/17 11:42 AM
YingGirl: pokemon is causing me to spend my funds i don't have
10/18/17 11:42 AM
YingGirl: hell, i wanted mike to take me to card stores in baltimore to buy pokemon cards
10/18/17 11:42 AM
YingGirl: it's crack
10/18/17 11:44 AM
YingGirl: i really getting addictive
10/18/17 11:44 AM
YingGirl: i should be more focus on my games
10/18/17 11:46 AM
YingGirl: i gtg
10/18/17 11:46 AM
YingGirl: hope i can settle my paranoia
10/18/17 11:48 AM
firefly_1824: see you later, ying
10/18/17 12:06 PM
KingPriceman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEJYN_fcdcs
10/18/17 01:47 PM
firefly_1824: have a meeting in a few minutes
10/18/17 03:48 PM
firefly_1824: who's still around?
10/18/17 03:49 PM
firefly_1824: also, i remembered i have a corset, and i can wear it for the customary few hours on halloween
10/18/17 03:50 PM
firefly_1824: yays
10/18/17 03:51 PM
firefly_1824: i'll bet lee has completely forgotten about it lol
10/18/17 05:15 PM
DSRaoul: Hello?
10/18/17 05:27 PM
KingPriceman: you're si, this is car, hello?
10/18/17 06:55 PM
@UltraMatt: hi
10/18/17 06:55 PM
@UltraMatt: just got home
10/18/17 07:07 PM
KingPriceman: hi
10/18/17 07:22 PM
YingGirl: i'm debating to get rare candies for my solgaleo deck
10/18/17 07:23 PM
YingGirl: i really need to lay off buying more stuff for pokemon tcg
10/18/17 07:23 PM
YingGirl: despite said card is only 25 cents
10/18/17 07:25 PM
YingGirl: n/m they're out of stock
10/18/17 07:28 PM
YingGirl: might go out and buy that selfie stick
10/18/17 07:32 PM
@UltraMatt: https://togethertube.com/rooms/ed697b1c-eb2d-40be-9b8e-41339e3b4540
10/18/17 07:38 PM
@UltraMatt: showing
10/18/17 07:42 PM
YingGirl: kay
10/18/17 07:48 PM
Lego3400: Hmmm. A random untouched cupcake laying on the sidewalk.... Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained *Directs sim to keep it for later*
10/18/17 07:50 PM
Lego3400: ....Ok I need to wander around the food stands more. Free coffe and tea cause people just set them down on the ground instead of actully drinking them
10/18/17 07:51 PM
Lego3400: (Never eat food you find lying around in real life. That's how you die. Sims however have no such thing as food posoining. Unless you decide to eat Fugu. As the loading screen states, "Poorly prepared fugu may result in a slight case of death"
10/18/17 07:58 PM
YingGirl: kay
10/18/17 09:47 PM
slothxkurikara: I live!
10/18/17 09:48 PM
KingPriceman: SINISTAR
10/18/17 09:48 PM
KingPriceman: hi, kuri
10/18/17 09:48 PM
DSRaoul: Holy s[BLEEP]it, it's Kuri!
10/18/17 09:49 PM
@UltraMatt: hi kuri!
10/18/17 09:50 PM
slothxkurikara: Ikr? Lol hi matt!
10/18/17 09:50 PM
slothxkurikara: Matt knew i lived though
10/18/17 10:21 PM
KingPriceman: how're you doing?
10/18/17 10:23 PM
Solarchos: Night everyone. Time for me to head off to bed too.
10/18/17 10:23 PM
KingPriceman: night solar
10/18/17 10:36 PM
@UltraMatt: night solar
10/19/17 12:01 AM
KingPriceman: anyone here?
10/19/17 01:05 AM
@UltraMatt: night guys
10/19/17 01:06 AM
KingPriceman: night matt
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