9 Dec 11, 03:56
mazrah: Download PERCUMA Panduan Temuduga KPLI
22 Oct 11, 12:15
Jennifer Garner: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
22 Sep 11, 03:14
Tweety: hohoho glad i am here. i wish you can visit mine too
4 Jul 11, 07:34
Lynda: Your Blog is Beautiful. i wish you can visit mine too
28 Oct 10, 12:44
angela: 'Life Is a Football Game,And V R D Footballs, Never Mind The Kicks Of People Because Without Kicks We May Not Reach The Goal...:)
15 Dec 09, 01:29
animefiend: yo i'm glad you like it! and i haven't updated it because of school, but i'm gonna be watching/reviewing some stuff over winter break. see ya
30 Nov 09, 16:28
Snugtrition: but then again you haven't post a review in quite some time (I'm guessing because of school). Well this has inspired me enough to try a seperate blog for anime reviews in my own style
30 Nov 09, 16:26
Snugtrition: I REALLY like your blog. I wish you made more recent entries. To be honest I would do something like this myself, but seeing how you already do it I don't want to steal your idea >.<
26 Jul 09, 16:02
animefiend: i'll be doing inuyasha movie reviews soon and will have links for download
26 Jul 09, 14:58
inuyasha1222: can you post inuyasha movie links?
26 Jul 09, 03:38
mark: cool site! thanks for the dls!